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Nov 02,2018 / automotive advertising

Auto Dealers, Now that you have closed out your month what kind of results did you have? Did you sell as many units as you needed? Did you make the amount per copy that you needed? Are you wondering how the dealerships across town beat you again?

Usually, when the numbers are down, dealers change directions. Here is what you cannot do. Repeat everything you did last month.

What door of your dealership is screaming the loudest? Why do I ask? Because that is the door, you feed. So what the other dealer is on television more than you. Because another dealer is on tv more than you, it does not guarantee them more leads and traffic.

You can be precise with your marketing dollars when advertising. No, I am not against television, radio or any traditional medium but there is a smarter way for you to purchase media. A way to strategize when planning and buying. Once you get the planning and buying down to a science, then it is time to get the attention of the viewer, listener or potential customer with good creative.

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