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VIP Marketing is recognized as one of the leading marketing agencies in South Carolina by We understand that marketing plans aren’t a one-size-fits-all package. Your agency partner should know you and your business to truly build a proper campaign. This unending need to help businesses has led to a wide array of digital marketing solutions.

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VIP Marketing is a digital marketing, web design agency. Our agency provides white hat SEO for businesses. In providing SEO we provide link-building services that incorporate into SEO. Link-building is gathering links and pointing them at your website in order to improve the search rankings of your business. A link-building campaign can be an ongoing program to help grow your search engine presence over time.

VIP Marketing’s content writers provide expert on topic writing for your company as part of our SEO services. With a focus on SEO, our content writers research appropriate topics and formats to ensure that all text is high-quality and relevant. Our content writers and SEO experts work together to incorporate current industry trends and on-topic expertise into the writing. Our goal is to have searchers and site visitors engaged by the updated information about your product or service.

It is essential to understand where your business compares against your competitors. You have to understand what your competitors are doing to develop a plan that makes you stand out. The Internet has made this information easier to find. However, it can still be difficult if you’re new to competitive analysis.

Get in-depth competitive research to see what others in your industry are doing and use that information to improve your strategy. Let’s connect to see how VIP Marketing’s digital marketing experts can help you remain top of mind against your competitor.

Google My Business categories are labels that help your business appear in relevant search results. Google enables you to add up to ten categories that describe your business, including one primary category. Proper management and maintenance of your Google My Business account can put you in a favorable position for search results within your category.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management is the process of overseeing and managing a company’s PPC ad spend. This often strategies and ad buys while minimizing the overall expenditure.

Effective PPC management revolves around several interconnected subjects:

Keyword analysis: Discovering and targeting specific keywords and search queries being entered by likely leads for a company.
Channel strategy: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, affiliate networks, and paid social media placements are some of the channels to consider for PPC marketing.
Monitoring: Monitoring search term reports closely to learn which keywords/queries are most often used, to focus their buys on the most common searches.
Keeping an eye on overall ROI and using that as a guideline to dictate the amount paid and scope of ad buys.
Competitive analysis: Keeping an eye on tactics and strategies utilized by competitors is key — and time consuming. For example, deciding whether to compete directly by bidding on the same queries, or instead targeting queries a competitor is overlooking (competitive gap).
Negative match: Optimizing ad spend by filtering out users who match a category that makes them unlikely to convert. A high-end fashion retailer, for example, might limit their ads to users in the top 10% of earnings. A physical business, like a restaurant, would limit ads to those within close geographic proximity.
A/B Testing: Constantly split testing is one of the most effective methods for optimizing PPC ROI. Text, graphics, and other display variables can be used interchangeably to find the most effective method.

For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away.

At VIP Marketing, our Digital Marketing Managers are Google Ads Certified in Google Search Ads (also known as Google Pay-Per-Click). This type of advertising is focused around keywords that are relevant to your business offerings. Our Digital Marketing Managers handle the weekly optimization of your campaign, ads including ad extensions, monitoring bidding on keywords, and driving meaningful conversions to your business; with reporting on lead forms, calls, or clicks to map to your business. Here is some of what goes into a Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Step 1: We will establish the best way to establish success for your campaign. The strategy can include Dynamic, Responsive, or Call Pay-Per-Click ads. For Responsive or Call ads we will create a keyword list for you to approve before the campaign starts, typically 20-30 to start depending on your category. These will be the words and phrases that we will bid on to show your ads. Google recommends we buy campaigns with “phrase match” which means we buy your keywords and Google creates new relevant keywords in your target geo and ads those in as the campaign progresses. For Dynamic ads no keyword list is created. Google decides which keywords to show your ads for based on your website content.

Step 2: The next step is compelling text creation for your ads to make sure you are maximizing your message, using the most cutting-edge ad extensions to capitalize on real estate in a search engine results page.

Step 3: We will optimize your campaign as needed to ensure your budget is being spent most effectively.

Step 4: We conduct performance calls each month where you will receive a comprehensive report detailing how your campaign ads were served including impressions, clicks, ad spend, and in-depth conversion, age, and demographic details.

• Clicks and Click-through Rate: How many people are clicking on my ad?
• Transparent cost of every dollar spent: You are charged when a click occurs on an ad.
• Top Search Term Performance: Keywords that are driving results broken down by cost-per-click.
• Ad Performance: Which ad set is driving the most traffic to your conversion points.
• Conversions: How many people converted both on your ad or on your website?
• Device Performance: Which device is getting the most engagement on my campaign?
• Age and Gender Performance: What is the demographics of those clicking on my ad?
• Call Log (Optional for Call Extension/Call Ads): Google assigns a number to your existing number so we can track the date of the call, the duration of the call, if it was a received call, the caller area code, and the number of calls from that person. The call itself is not recorded.

It’s straight forward. All you need is a video to start advertising across thousands of websites that offer video ad opportunities. This can be any video you want your target audience to watch and video ads demonstrate some of the strongest Return On Investment of any type of digital advertising.

How Video/OTT Advertising Works!
Our sophisticated video ad targeting allows you to target your customers in any of the following ways:

• Amazon OTT and Video
• Video Retargeting
• Video Household IP Targeting
• Video Keyword Targeting
• Video A.I. Targeting
• Video Behavioral Targeting
• Video Targeting on Facebook/Instagram
• Video Targeting with Mobile Conquesting™
• Cross Platform Targeting with Video Pre-Roll
• YouTube Targeting
• OTT and Connected TV
• Native Video Ads
• Social Mirror™ Ads
• OTT with On-Site Visit Tracking

What’s OTT? It’s the newest way to target your ads! Get Connected TV access to streaming programming through the Amazon DSP and Fire TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, Android TV, sling, XBox TV, Apple TV and more. Our OTT Offerings Are PREMIUM: 100% of our OTT ads are served on Connected TVs – the most desirable inventory. Plus we can layer in On-Site Visit Tracking to your business to show you of the people who saw your OTT ad, then visited your location.

An E-commerce website is a website that allows people to buy and sell physical goods, services, and digital products over the internet rather than at a brick-and-mortar location. Through an e-commerce website, a business can process orders, accept payments manage shipping and logistics, and provide customer service. Much like a traditional physical retail store, e-commerce websites allow consumers and businesses to buy and sell to one another on a designated platform. Here is everything you need to know about an e-commerce website.

A sure way to scale your agency faster is to white-label your digital marketing resources. VIP Marketing can serve as your white label digital marketing team, your creative team, design team, and web developer all rolled into one.
We currently provide support to advertising agencies that don’t have the capacity and resources to hire a full-on production, design, digital, and development team.
Apply to be a white label partner today. Have peace of mind in knowing:
• No responsible payroll costs or taxes. We take care of that, so you don’t have to.
• No expensive equipment costs.
• No employee turnover or human resource issues to face.
• The ability to scale your business without investing in tools, systems, or software

A brand identity is like a company’s mission statement come to life. A marketing firm will work with a company to collect media that embodies the feelings the product is supposed to evoke in a customer base. By using repeated imagery, phrasing, or messaging, a brand identity becomes cohesive and recognizable to a consumer base.

The most obvious sign of branding would be a logo. Logos are symbols associated with a product and are consistent. When working with a creative agency, our talent will be able to provide feedback on existing logos, create new logos, and see to it that they appear in all media content associated with said brand. It’s often a logo that leads to brand recognition and is associated with the name of a company.

Entrepreneurs both seasoned and young, are often very attached to their companies and typically want a very specific portrayal of their company that may allude words. Their brand is meaningful to them, but it is difficult to convey, share, represent, and then uniformly distribute a branding campaign. The reason for this is simply that establishing that establishing branding guidelines occurs through trial and error after the initial sales cycle. Overtime, creative consultants can measure and track the success of the campaign. it becomes easier to recommend tweaks.

Too much deviation from the original branding identity can create discontent amongst loyal consumers. While companies must periodically reinvent themselves, it’s important for consultants to introduce guidelines in changes, upgrades, and major brand updates. The proper use of a brand also includes avoiding copyright infringement, both in introducing branding materials and ensuring the brand is not being copied without compensation.

While this is a video production company, some of our specialists work in print materials. In the print portion of our campaign, one would expect to see corporate colors, the logo, and corporate messaging distributed in an eye-catching fashion.

Are you a marketing agency? Do you have clients who need video production and want to incorporate video into their marketing strategy? We can help. Our white-label video production plans will allow you to scale your agency and increase your video production business without creating additional expenses.

As an award-winning video creative agency, our team has created branded video content for various industries, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Our in-house team of writers and producers is the best way to produce the highest quality promotional videos for your business moving forward. We’ll give you polished corporate videos that drive home who you are and what you do.

For video production, VIP Marketing partners with our sister company Craft Creative. A national video production company. When it comes to video creative, their name says it best. We have provided television commercials on broadcast media, social media, and OTT for our client partners. Every commercial is different and may require a certain level of creative thinking. Our production team will have a three-step process taking you through the production, pre-production, and post-production phases. In contrast, you have an impressive experience with service and final product.

VIP works with you to understand your business so we can create authentic and unique video testimonials of your service. You can relax knowing that we handle everything and leave you free to focus on your business. No
more making do with subpar videos, thinking “that’ll have to do.” Videos that show you have a superior service will elevate your business beyond your competitors.

We produce video testimonials that celebrate your service and products. At VIP, our videos are professionally done to reflect the importance of your work or to represent a milestone in your business’s life cycle.

Approximately 90% of consumers admit that video is the reason they made a purchase. So, you’re probably wondering how to capitalize on this market if you’re not already. Well, it’s pretty simple. You need a professional explainer video for your company because once potential customers hear and see your message, they are much more willing to use your services or request additional information from you.

The best explainer videos use storytelling to sell your product or service. Mobile friendly explainer videos should be short, straight to the point and engaging in order to grab the viewers attention. Professional explainer videos are one of the most effective ways to convey your company’s brand message and product offering details. Video production companies know how to distribute video via search engines, streaming video sites and social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others.

Increase your sales with a beautifully designed, custom product video. Whether you need a promo video, training video or product explainer, our experienced professional voice actors and motion graphics artists will create a high quality product video that will delight your clients and leave them wanting more.

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