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We help law firms attract more calls to their law firm and attention to their website, creating stunning brand identity, carefully designed websites that rank, video creative that gets them noticed, and digital marketing that converts so they can grow their law firm better.

Potential partners always ask if we can service other industries; the short answer is yes, we can serve different industries. We use our ideas, strategies, and expertise in areas we specialize in and often implement some of those techniques in industries that may have the same goal.

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Have respect for yourself, others and our partners.



Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.



Be confident in who you are and what you are presenting.



Doing the same thing we are doing today won’t get us where we want to go tomorrow.



Don’t wait for it. If it needs to be done, just do it.



Take ownership of your work and perform beyond expectations.

Who We Are.

We recognize that to lead and inspire change within our organization and beyond, we must begin with knowing who we are. That is why we trust the Golden Circle Model by Simon Senek to help us do this. Our unique value proposition will start with our why, then describe our how and what. We want to help differentiate our brand from any other digital marketing agency.

  • Our Why: Our motivation and our purpose is to create digital and physical brand experiences and solutions that our partners and their audience will feel. We want to remind anyone who comes into contact with our work that they are human. You know, the warmth of when you see something you truly feel on the inside?
  • Our How: We achieve our purpose through mastering the skills of digital marketing and brand design. Notated as "Digital & Design," this phrase was coined by our founder to demonstrate how our team will work to solve our partner’s problem. This is the breadth of VIP Marketing.
  • Our What: A digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, SEM, Website Design, Paid Social Ads, Brand Strategy and Design, and Human Connection. The last one might seem like it doesn’t quite fit with the rest, right? The human side of what we do is of utmost importance to us. We want what we do to come full circle with why we do it.


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Eric Elliott

I want to welcome you all to VIP Marketing’s website. We hope that you found our website insightful and informative. I am proud of our team comprised of creators, developers, designers, branding experts, marketing experts, and success managers focused on helping your brand create a focused strategy and execution that will achieve optimal results.

When I started VIP Marketing, I was in a 200 square foot room with a desk from Craigslist and a Toshiba laptop from Wal-Mart. There were many struggles in beginning a bootstrapped marketing firm. These same struggles became my motivator to have our team in a position where we do business across the United States and have team members worldwide.

Our team members remain driven, innovative, committed, and never complacent. We have received numerous awards and notoriety, including being listed as one of the top 400 branding agencies in the United States by, yet our mission continues.

As for me, I enjoy consuming social knowledge and attending marketing conferences. While at work, I continue to do my best in hiring, training and motivating the best marketing team. I also point my energy towards our podcast, The AdCast, and work on my book with any extra time I have.

I hope you found all the information you sought. If you remain unsure if our agency is right for your brand or want to discuss your situation further, I would love to connect with you on any social media platforms or text me at 843-279-5843.

Eric Elliott
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