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8 Benefits of Local Marketing: Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

03 December 2020
8 Benefits of Local Marketing: Take Your Small Business to the Next Level

While only a few years ago, many people used the Yellow Pages to find local businesses, today they surf the web. In fact, 84 percent of consumers use the internet when looking for local businesses. Another 77 percent actually follow through with purchases. Furthermore, most people would rather shop close to their home as this saves time. Also, it’s more convenient. Do you own or run a small to medium-sized local law firm? Pay close attention to help your personal injury law firm gain steam within your market.

Here are eight ways how local business marketing can take your business to the next level, along with how we can help.


First, it’s important to understand what we mean by local business marketing. Also referred to as local store marketing or neighborhood marketing, this is a type of marketing that targets people living within a specific radius of the brick-and-mortar location of your business. This specific radius is about ten miles. 


One of the main perks of local marketing is that it can make your business more visible, which can lead to more sales. The more visible you make your business, the more likely it can become a household name. Using local business marketing can let your business be located on Google Maps, which is a must for new residents who aren’t yet familiar with their new area.


Another benefit of using local marketing is that it lets you build your brand. By doing local marketing, potential customers can be aware of your business’s purpose and what it has to offer. Branding is important because this is what makes your business stand out.


Are you looking for ways to establish yourself as a specialist in your legal field? Then, use local marketing. With the right local marketing strategies, you can build authority as an expert in your niche. This allows you to better communicate your legal services to your target audience.


Using local marketing can result in creating more leads for your company. By directing more viewers to your business website, you can produce more leads. Consider that your website should be designed so that it can give answers to people’s issues. It’s critical that your content relates to your audience as this is helpful in generating organic traffic. As a result, this gives you an increase in opportunities for your visitors to turn into leads.




When you target people living in a specific area, you can do a better job of furnishing your content to the shared characteristics of the consumers in that particular location. When your content is catered, you’re able to relate better to local people. As a result, this can help them feel more connected to your business. What’s more, specific content can lead to increased trust and making you look more aware of their needs.


The right local marketing strategies can result in getting positive reviews. Once the residents of your area begin recommending your services with their online reviews, you can get more customers. When ranking businesses, Google looks for positive reviews. Thus, be sure your clients are pleased with your business so that you won’t have negative reviews. Maybe you’re not receiving any reviews yet. That’s why it’s a good idea to notify your customers to please rate your small business by doing so on Google as well as commenting.


When your local business marketing strategies are successful, you can enjoy a better ROI (return on investment). By increasing your marketing activities, you receive a better ROI of the time you’ve spent as well as an increase in profits.


Consider that social media outlets, such as Facebook posts, do a better job at recommending your services than other means. People would rather use Facebook posts and tweets than calling or emailing others about product and service reviews. Your Google local rankings and social media profiles can serve as a virtual storefront for your small business.


  • To be able to effectively do local marketing, you need to correctly define the personas of your buyers. This gives you a better understanding of the demographic data as well as the psychographic information of your consumers. 
  • Does your local business need to grow? Contact us at VIP Marketing and find out more about what we have to offer in taking your marketing to the next level. We’ve helped a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses obtain the valuable growth they need.
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