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Winning the Local Game: How Google Local Service Ads Benefit Lawyers

24 August 2023
 local service ads for lawyers

In today's digital era, law firms and attorneys must leverage innovative marketing strategies to stay competitive. One such strategy that has proven to be effective is the use of Google's Local Service Ads (LSAs). LSAs offer numerous benefits, including increased visibility, credibility, and client engagement.

What are Local Service Ads?

Local Service Ads (LSAs) are a type of online advertisement provided by Google that allows businesses to connect with customers who are searching for the services they offer. These ads are displayed at the top of Google Search results, providing high visibility to potential clients. LSAs are unique because they target local customers, showing your ad to people in your specific service area. Moreover, businesses that use LSAs can earn a Google Screened or Google Guaranteed badge after passing Google's licensing, insurance, and background checks, which adds to the business's credibility and trustworthiness.

Which Practice Areas are Eligible for Local Service Ads?

Bankruptcy lawyer
Business lawyer
Contract lawyer
Criminal lawyer
Disability lawyer
DUI lawyer
Estate lawyer
Family lawyer
Financial planners
Immigration lawyer
IP lawyer
Labor lawyer
Litigation lawyer
Malpractice lawyer
Personal injury lawyer
Real estate lawyer
Tax lawyer
Traffic lawyer

What are the benefits of Running Local Services Ads for Lawyers?

Increased Visibility for Your Law Firm

One of the most significant advantages of LSAs is their potential to boost the visibility of your law firm. According to Juris Digital, LSAs account for 33% of all clicks for lawyer keyword searches. This means that by employing LSAs, your law firm could potentially reach a third of individuals searching for legal services in your area. LSAs are displayed at the top of Google's search results, making them the first thing a potential client sees when they search for legal services.

Enhancing Credibility with the Google Screened Badge

The Google Screened badge, an integral feature of LSAs for lawyers, can significantly enhance your firm's credibility. This badge, shown on your ad, indicates that your firm has passed Google's screening and qualification process]. This endorsement from a trusted brand like Google can reassure potential clients about the legitimacy and quality of your services.

Engaging Clients on a Personal Level

Unlike traditional advertising methods that may seem impersonal, LSAs provide an opportunity to engage with potential clients on a personal level. By responding promptly to inquiries made through LSAs, you can start building a relationship with potential clients from the first interaction.


Google's Local Service Ads offer law firms and attorneys a powerful tool to increase their visibility, enhance credibility, and engage clients on a personal level. By strategically employing LSAs, firms can position themselves at the forefront of the digital marketplace, reaching a larger audience and attracting more clients.

However, like any other marketing strategy, LSAs require careful planning and management. It is crucial to research relevant keywords, monitor ad performance, and respond promptly to client inquiries to make the most out of your investment. If done correctly, LSAs can be a game-changer for your law firm's digital marketing strategy.

Ready to supercharge your legal practice with Google Local Service Ads? Unlock the full potential of local client connections and maximize your outreach. Partner with our expert team today to craft a tailored strategy that will skyrocket your visibility and clientele. Don't navigate the digital landscape alone – let us guide you towards lasting success. Get started now!

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