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Don’t Let Your Message Go Unheard

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Oct 24,2018 / Business Coaching

Placing your advertisement at the right location is crucial. Whether this means on the right TV station, billboard location or social channel, you must know where your audience is looking.

Having the greatest message or creative will only get you so far. If you place your ad on a billboard no one drives by, it will do you nothing. You are wasting your money. Knowing your audience and how to reach them is essential. If you are targeting an older demographic, advertising solely on Instagram probably is not your best option. You want to pick a channel to advertise on that will attract the attention of your audience. Research all the options of places to advertise and narrow it down to the most beneficial for your company. Get creative! You are not limited to television and radio, there are so many opportunities to advertise in places you would not even expect: public transportation, coffee cups, and elevators all are untraditional places to advertise but can be successful for your business.

Location is not the only variable you should be concerned about when it comes to placement. The frequency of the ads is also very important. You do not want to have your creative promoted so much it is overkill. But you also want your consumers to be able to recognize your brand and company. It is important to break through the noise and have your message seen and remembered over your competitor’s. The ultimate goal is pushing your consumers or clients to take an action, so you need to be able to reach them successfully.

At VIP Marketing & Advertising, we think placement should be at the forefront of your marketing plan. I mean, it is in our name (VIP Marketing). It is necessary to define your audience, decide on the right message and creative and then decide what channels to advertise on and how frequently.

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