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Good news: new year, new you, new business

20 January 2020
Good news: new year, new you, new business

New year, new you, new business.

How you run your business is all about strategy, right?

No matter what that strategy is, you have a foundation of how you’re running your business.

What’s your strategy?

How do you gain and contact clients?

What services do you offer?

How do you provide those services?

What is something that could drastically change your business?

It only takes 5 minutes.

Good news.

Seriously. I’m not talking Fox News or CNN or even local news. I’m talking about personal news.

Yep. HR’s worst nightmare: personal.

What you may not have thought of when thinking about your business strategy is your employees’ happiness.

No one should dread going to work.

Everyone has personal stuff happening in their lives. You included!

At work, you celebrate milestones such as promotions, new sales/clients, ect.

It boosts morale and motivation, perhaps even making your employees feel like a team because your employees feel invested in one another and you.

So, why not celebrate the good news in your employees’ lives?

Your employees spend more time at work and with you than they do with their own families and loved ones. So, making their work environment a place of comfort and solitude is important.

The idea of employees spreading something good that’s happening in their lives welcomes a different sort of morale that will translate into teamwork and increase work production.

Here at VIP Marketing and Advertising, we end our meetings with good news.

It may seem trivial to some, but it brings the VIP team closer together, making us a family. We strive towards the same goal because we feel connected and invested.

Everything from your favorite sports team moving up in the playoffs; your spouse scored a great business opportunity; or maybe a shaving a minute off their mile time.

Whatever it may be, it is important to that person and makes them feel good.

It’s spreading the wealth of happiness.

Happiness is contagious and will always manage to find a solution.”

-Paulo Coelho


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