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How to utilize current events for social media success

02 November 2018
How to utilize current events for social media success

Have you ever perused a person’s social media and marveled at the number of “likes” certain posts received? Business pages make you wonder how they have so many “thumbs up’s or followers? Have you tried things that didn’t yield the number of ticks you needed to boost your media pages? There are fundamental principles to adhere to when establishing and maintaining a positive social media presence. It is important not to squander opportunities with empty posting; instead, maximize your audience with prompt posting. Timeliness, attachment, and balance are key elements in attracting viewers. Here, we will illustrate how to position your content and propel your business to the forefront of social media marketing.

Timing your content is a vital tool in social media marketing. It is important to stay up to date on current events and goings-on in this ever-changing world. Aligning your product or information to these events shows insight and promises to gain the notoriety you deserve. Pay close attention to news stories, social events, and the general mood of social media users. Consider an ocean wave. The wind blows over water, causing it to ripple. A swell ensues, and the wave gains traction from the water below and the air above. Between its lowest point – the trough, and the highest point, or the crest – waves travel until they break. A surfer wants to catch the strongest and most well-formed wave in the ocean. They search when the wave is beginning, and ride it until it ends. Riding the proverbial wave is the idea of placing your content when pertinent information is beginning to be dispensed. To support your place in the midst of peak interest, it is important to consistently drive your material to the forefront of everyone’s conversations and thoughts during this crucial time. You want to become a part of the story. As with ocean waves, stories in the social world have their end, you want to make sure you are in the mix as it is happening.

Attaching your product and content to other commercial items being marketed is smart. Back-to-school will ensure backpacks, clothes, and supplies will fly off shelves, but what else is important to consumers during this time? Grocery stores will be sure to create pop-up ads of all lunch box sized items. Car dealers will promote their top safety-rated vehicles. Online stores will blast their membership perks. Channel your content into the public’s eye by attaching to the larger markets. The grocery packs up with shoppers during this time; make sure your thermos company generates an ad saying your product can be found on the shelves. Consumers are buying cars: the window shade pop-up should come directly after the car sales ad.

Balance in social media content can be considered a fine art. You want the public to know what you are promoting, but what you do not want is for them to grow tired of your posts. Finding a way to post often but not too often is crucial to staying in a positive position. What is too often? The speeds of various mediums will help decide that answer. Twitter is much faster in terms of posts, and it is easy to miss content. Posting multiple times a day on there would not overload a user, as they may only catch it once anyway. Slightly slower mediums like Facebook generally need fewer posts but try to also find multiple audiences by taking advantage of timeline posting and groups.

When considering positioning content across social media, these crucial points will aid you in boosting your business above all others. The concepts of attachment and balance contribute to timeliness, and it is helpful to view them all as one idea. When properly executed, your content will excel and become valid in social media marketing.

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