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Legal Inbound Marketing: Demonstrate Your Law Firm’s Value

10 September 2020
Legal Inbound Marketing: Demonstrate Your Law Firm’s Value

Client referrals have been the lifeblood for law firms since time immemorial. Nothing can sell your law firm better than the simple act of someone putting in a good word. Of course, you can always pay to advertise your message to the masses, but nothing beats the wholly organic value of a person being impressed enough with your firm to send another person to your care. This value you provide to current clients ultimately sets the stage for the growing strategy of legal inbound marketing. This strategy begins when a law firm figures out to offer value to potential clients, as well. Simply put, you should be offering value to not only current clients, but also to people who could become clients one day.

What is Legal Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is the strategy of offering valuable content and tailored to your audience. At its core, inbound marketing seeks to establish honest connections with potential clients by being a resource. By becoming an information resource for potential clients, you’re offering great value to these potential clients. If/when they’re in need of legal help, they’ll more than likely seek out your services.

Legal Inbound Marketing has developed into a particularly interesting niche. A law firm’s entire existence is providing value to a client, so how does this inbound methodology fit into our strategy? Simply put, you offer the same help you would to someone on the street to the internet.

Okay, So How Do I Do That?

One of the beautiful things about the internet is that it provides answers for virtually any question you may have. With the combined knowledge of human history at our fingertips, we’re at no shortage of information. We’re also repeatedly learning that with all of this information, we are also at a shortage of accurate information. This is where we rely on experts, like lawyers, to provide their informed opinions and expertise.

Fortunately, we also have a ton of different outlets to provide this value to build our connection with future clients. Here are a few:

  • Social Media- If you don’t already have a business profile set up for you firm, do it. Also, use it to post any little tidbits you can to help your potential clients. Mix it up with videos, images, and text to post valuable insights your audience could benefit from. Social media is an imperative for your legal inbound marketing strategy.
  • Blogs- Your blogs usually will run a little longer than a simple social media post. In this medium, you’ll have a better opportunity to go into more depth about topics you’d like to share.
  • Ebooks- Do you have a piece of information that refuses to confine itself to a social media post or blog? Ebooks are great pieces of valuable content you can offer to your audience. Many websites will offer these and downloadable pieces of content.
  • Youtube- Unsurprisingly, more and more people are choosing to consume information via video. As long-form videos are becoming the norm on Youtube, take advantage by posting longer helpful videos.

Get Started

Wondering where to start? You can set up your law firm’s legal inbound marketing strategy as soon as you find the best way to share your value. Do you already have a business Facebook account? Examine what you’re currently posting, and ask yourself if your audience of past, current, or potential clients are gaining anything from it. Combine how you help your clients with a little bit of your own personality, and you have yourself a solid beginning to a marketing campaign.

Of course, if you’d rather rely on the experts to handle your inbound marketing for you, let VIP Marketing take care of it. We work with clients to help accentuate your strengths and the value your law firm provides. Then, we develop a strategy that works best for you. Finally, we implement that strategy while you watch the leads roll in.

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