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React, Don’t Bolt. Brace Yourself for Pent-up Demand after COVID-19

Apr 01,2020 / Business Coaching

Since coronavirus was declared a global pandemic, stay at home and shelter in place campaigns is the new norm – in a move to keep social distance to help check the spread of this deadly virus. People staying at home means businesses will be affected – fewer people visiting your business to make purchases. People are also cutting expenses, probably to save in an emergency fund, savings account, or perhaps because they have lost their source of income.

However, it doesn’t mean that this situation will stay forever, the shelter in place orders will finally be lifted (after the disease get contained), and normalcy restored. Subsequently, there will be a pent-up demand that will arise due to an end of these measures. Consumers will be germophobes, but they will also demand what they weren’t able to do while they sheltered in place. For this reason, messages and staying in touch need to continue as people shelter in place. Will your business be remembered when we get back to normalcy?

In this article, I will give you tips to help you keep your customers in touch in the current situation – which will have excellent returns. Let go.

Tips to Stay in Touch with Customers during Coronavirus Outbreak

Tell Customers What You are Doing to Check the Spread of COVID-19

This is the time to make use of your customer mail and phone list. Send them emails or messages to assure them that you are doing everything at your disposal to see that the virus gets controlled. If you are still open, post signage in your store to inform them that you prioritize their health.

Moreover, let them know that you are altering your opening hours to ensure that a deep clean up takes place before you open for the next day. Share any hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting measures you are currently using. Consequently, let them know that all your employees are safe, for example, tell them that any experiencing coronavirus-like symptoms is practicing self-quarantine.

Intensify Your Social Media Presence

Many social media platforms are reporting an exponential increase since they stay at home and shelter in place orders started. Many of your customers are frequently checking social media for news and latest updates. Post content that will help your customers (and by far potential customers) to relieve the current panic. You can post the recommended measures of ensuring that the virus doesn’t spread and encourage them to follow these guidelines, e.g., frequent washing of hands. Feasibly, you can record videos and podcasts and post them on your social media platforms.

Go Online

Essentially, many businesses are turning online, not only makeup with their sales but also ensure they are linked with their customers. If you are offering consulting services, you will find it rewarding (now and after the virus) to turning to options such as video conferencing. Planning to postpone or cancel any of your scheduled events because of the outbreak? No need, get in touch with your customers through their phone with online webinars, live sessions, or online meetings. If you have an e-commerce component already in your business, increase your presence. Offer discounts to encourage your customers and home delivery services.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your customers are likely to be having many questions during this outbreak. Analyze the possible questions your customers might have and provide the answers – especially on your website or blog. This will help you to get connected with your customers and, therefore, get remembered after the eruption.

At VIP Marketing, we understand the current challenging situation, and we are determined to partner with you to make sure that your business gets more out of pent up demand after the COVID-19 crisis. We are ranked among the best in automotive marketing,  legal marketing, and healthcare marketing agency. Our team is made up of determined and passionate individuals with a track record of high-quality work, service, and performance.

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