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Responsiveness = Success in Business

30 November 2018
Responsiveness = Success in Business

Smartphones are constantly in our hands. We spend the majority of the day staring at a screen. We have alerts sent to our phones, smart watches, and computers. We cannot get away from technology, it is all around us. Constant communication is no longer a bonus, but an expectation. Since we are always able to access our phones and laptops, responsiveness is necessary, especially within the workplace.

Being responsive proves that you are dedicated to your job and want to succeed. You want to provide as much information as needed as soon as possible. Improving responsiveness between employees and clients will allow the processes within your company to operate more smoothly.

Communication is a two-way street though. Make sure your channels of communication are open and easy to access. Have your number listed several places, including the bottom of your email. Make sure your inbox is never full and able to receive messages. This means your email inbox and your voicemail. Try to get back to messages within 24 hours. You do not have to be glued to your phone at all times, but keeping your lines open will allow clients to reach you if an unexpected issue arises. This proves a strong work ethic and that their message is worth something to you.

Time is of the essence so the quicker response, the faster the issue will be resolved. Responsiveness is essential to success for your company and clients. If all are the same page and have great communication skills, it will be easier to focus on the work at hand. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to complete a task but not being able to reach the appropriate personnel. Improving your responsiveness will improve your trust and credibility with the client.


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