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Eric Elliott

The Most Important Asset To Your Dealership

Jun 15,2016 / automotive advertising

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The most important “door” to your dealership isn’t a literal door. It’s a metaphorical door and it’s your website. There are 3 “doors” to your dealership. The first and most important is your website. The next is the phone and the third is your actual front door. You may be thinking but if I can’t get them in the door then how do I make the sale? 

When a car buyer begins their car shopping journey, they are looking around to assess what is available, what they can afford, etc. In most cases, they are not ready to speak with a salesperson much less come through the front door. They start by researching on the internet and viewing your and your competitor’s website. Therefore, if a potential customer views your website and doesn’t like what they see, they will not be back. 

Gone are the days of driving from dealership to dealership to find a car. On average, a car buyer will shop 2 dealers before making a purchase decision compared to 5 or 6 in the past. So what can you do to put your best foot forward when it comes to attracting prospects? 

Here’s 3 Easy Tips to Follow to Engage Prospects on your Website and Beyond: 

1. List Your Prices

When a car buyer finds the vehicle they want on your website, the next step is to see how much the vehicle costs. The customer wants to know if they can afford the vehicle. But when they navigate to your website, the listing says to “Call for pricing”. You may think this is a great way to engage prospects and covert them to leads. However, the customer sees this as you making their task more difficult. And chances are, you will lose out on the sale because of it. So as much as you can, list your prices.

2. Contact Every Prospect

When a prospect fills out a contact form, they become a hot lead. The average response time between a prospect filling out a form an a phone call should be no more than a few minutes maximum. This is a key time to talk to the customer on their terms when they’re ready to buy. The longer you wait gives your competitor time to close in on the sale. 

3. Set The Appointment

When you have the prospect on the phone or online chat, your main objectives should be to gather any further necessary information, try to build rapport, and most importantly, set the appointment for a test drive. When you have the customer on the phone, Let them know that you would like to schedule them in for an appointment and then provide specific dates and times for test drives for the customer to choose and confirm. If a customer does not have set options and gives an ambiguous answer, there is no assurance they will show up to take the test drive. 

Your website is the most important “door” to your dealership is your website. And when these best practices are implemented, you are well on your way to creating more opportunities for conversions and sales for your dealership. 

For more information on how you can drive more leads to your dealership, contact Eric Elliott ateric@veryimportantplacement.com.

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