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Badge Logos Explained (With Examples)

25 October 2023
 badge logo explained


Introduction to Badge Logos

Have you ever noticed those little, often circular, symbols that many brands use today? They are known as badge logos, and they are employed by some of the world's leading companies. In this article, we're going to delve into what these badges are all about.

Characteristics of Badge Logos

Badge logos can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the circular form is most common. Encased within these circular badges, you'll often find an illustration, symbol, or icon that encapsulates the essence of the brand.

Frequently, the name of the brand or its tagline is prominently displayed on the exterior of the badge. Additionally, milestone dates or years significant to the company, such as its founding year, are typically included in the badge design.

Examining Different Badge Logos

Let's take a closer look at three distinct badge logos that stand out for their unique characteristics.

NASA Badge Logo

nasa badge logo

The NASA badge logo is universally recognizable. It features a circle containing the organization's brand colors, including a distinctive red abstract line that breaks the circle's boundary - an uncommon feature in badge logos. The typeface used is also crucial to defining the brand's identity.

Starbucks Badge Logo

star bucks badge logo

Starbucks' original badge logo, though no longer in use, is worth noting. It featured the words "Starbucks Coffee" at the top and bottom, with stars separating the two phrases - a common element in badge logos. The central image was an abstract representation of a woman, which has since become the focus of the brand's current logo.

FC Barcelona Badge Logo

FCB Badge Logo

FC Barcelona's badge logo stands out for its shield or crest shape, deviating from the typical circular format. The badge features an icon of a soccer ball in the center, the letters "FCB", and three flags. The colors used are also integral to the brand's image.

These three badges exemplify the unique features that can be incorporated into badge logos, each representing specific properties that define their respective brands.

VIP Marketing 12-Year Anniversary Badge Logo

An excellent example of a milestone badge is the one created by VIP Marketing for their 12-year anniversary. The numbers "1" and "2" in their logo signify the 12 years they've been in business. The years 2010 and 2022 are also included as a more literal representation of this timeframe.

VIP Marketing 12th year badge logo

In the center of the badge is half of a heart, symbolizing the love they have for their audience. All these elements are encased within a circle that matches the thickness of the numbers on the outside. This simple yet effective badge was ideal for communicating their message to their audience and was used extensively in their merchandise for the 12-year celebration.

In conclusion, badge logos are a versatile and powerful branding tool, allowing companies to encapsulate their brand identity and milestones in a compact and visually appealing format.

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