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What is Branding?

Jul 28,2020 / Marketing Strategy

Branding is a word thrown around in the business world, but what is it? Why does your business need it?

Brand Definition

A quick Google search will tell you that a business’s name, term, design, or symbol that identifies a good or service.

While this definition can give insights into the idea of a brand, branding comes down to your business.

Defining Your Business

What is your business?

Who do you want to reach?

What do you do for others?

These are just a few questions to ask when developing your brand.

Do you ever hear someone say “that’s so on brand!” This is their way of saying that motion identifies perfectly with that person’s morales, beliefs, and tried and true persona.

Whatever you want your brand to be, your passion should show.

Having a logo and an idea is only the foundation of branding.

The 5Ws of Social Media Marketing is the best place to look to help develop your brand.

Social Media is a great tool to let people know about your brand.

Brand Building Tools

Social media is the largest brand tool out there.

It’s also the cheapest!

That’s right. Social Media is completely free!

Outbound marketing can help develop your business into THE brand.

By implementing your voice and vision into social content, people will be able to identify the common theme, or brand, of your business.

What’s Your Theme?

A brand is separate from your logo or slogan.

These items can enhance your brand, but should not define your brand.

What stands out about your business? What makes it better than others businesses in your industry?

VIP Marketing and Branding

VIP Marketing  has orange and black brand colors. But the bright colors are not what makes VIP Marketing stand out from competitors.

VIP Marketing stands out by being a marketing and advertising brand that offers transparency in our planning, reporting, pricing, and results; producing above average results while keeping continuous communication. 

So, to show that our social media shows and educates our knowledge and expertise in the marketing world. We have branded items, such as The AdCast, Tuesday Tea, and Marketing Minutes. 

These all stick to our brand promise while developing a social presence and following.

Your Turn!

Write about your business.

Again, use the 5Ws of Social Media Marketing to help develop your theme.

Make your personality, values, and beliefs shine.


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