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Your Complete Guide to Launching a PPC Campaign for Your Law Firm

14 January 2021
Your Complete Guide to Launching a PPC Campaign for Your Law Firm

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising can be a powerful tool for your law firm. This law firm marketing strategy can ensure your ads stand out from the competition and target the right audience. This guide will help you understand what PPC advertising is, how it works, and the benefits your firm can achieve through this strategy.

Law Firm Marketing Using PPC Advertising

Digital ads can be shown in several different areas on the internet, such as on affiliate sites, social media, and search results. Every time a visitor clicks on one of your ads, your firm pays for that click. How much you pay is determined by the keyword the visitor typed into the search bar where your ad is populated. Keywords have varying costs.

Law firm marketing typically uses the keywords- attorney or lawyer, which are more expensive than others. These keywords will vary depending on your practice, such as ‘family law attorney’ or divorce lawyer.

PPC Advertising is Valuable for Law Firm Marketing

PPC advertising has come a long way in the last decade through newer technology. There are lots of PPC platforms available. With the help of technology, tools, and other capabilities, ad platforms are much more precise and accurate in targeting audiences.

Why Law Firm Marketing Should Use PPC Advertising

It can be challenging to create the right PPC advertising market, but if done correctly, it will increase your firm’s awareness, increase your phone calls and conversions, and bring in more clients. Your primary benefits of law firm marketing using PPC advertising include:

  • Build up your firm’s awareness
  • Put your firm’s ads ahead of your competitor and in front of your audience
  • Allows you to control your advertising budget
  • Allows your marketing strategy to test different options and methods
  • Provides you with a detailed analysis of how your ad campaign is working versus how much it costs you

How to Launch a Law Firm Marketing PPC

Now that you have some underlying knowledge of PPC advertising, the following will help you understand how to create and manage the campaign:

  • Create Goals

    • The goal of your law firm marketing PPC advertising campaign is to gain more clients. More specific goals could be to generate 30 more leads a month or generate $60,000 in new cases by the end of a set period
  • Know Who to Target

    • For PPC advertising to be successful, you have to know who to target as your audience. It will take research to know who these people are, where they live, their challenges, how much money they make, and their interests. This information is essential to understand how to create the right ads and build a successful PPC advertising campaign
  • Select an Advertising Method

    • Once you know your targeted audience and where to reach out to them on the internet, you can choose an advertising method
  • Landing Pages

    • A successful PPC campaign requires a landing page that connects to your ad. The landing page will be where prospective clients land after clicking on your ad. This page shouldn’t lead them to your home or practice area page, but instead to page focused and streamlined to their interest
  • Choose Relevant Keywords

    • Law firm marketing typically uses many of the same keywords as mentioned above. You will want to incorporate your specific location into your keywords, so prospective clients are driven towards your landing page
  • Control Your Ad Budget

    • Once you’ve selected and bid on your specific keywords, you are ready to set a monthly or daily budget. This budget will control how much you spend on your PPC advertising. Law firm marketing can do very well with PPC advertising, but you may want to start small and increase later when you see the results

Quality Law Firm Marketing

VIP Marketing offers you quality marketing plans to launch your PPC advertising platform. We understand the need for a proper campaign to lead potential clients to your firm and help you through various digital marketing solutions.


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