If you’ve followed VIP Marketing at all, you are well aware that, if anything, we believe in three things: content, content, content. We’re constantly finding things to talk about and share with our audience. In today’s digital age, your average person spends a ridiculous amount of time online. With all this time, what are we doing?

The answer for most of us is pretty simple: We’re consuming content. Whether you’re jumping from a Youtube video to a Reddit discussion, you’re searching for content. Even right now, reading this, you are consuming content. VIP wants to provide our audience with all the content they can get their hands on.

Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing Goals

At the same time, we have to constantly ensure that our content has a purpose. Our content functions as another outlet for our marketing efforts. If we’re doing a good job, we are making sure that:

  1. People are enjoying and engaging with our content
  2. Our audience and users are sharing our content
  3. You guys learn a thing or two along the way from our content
  4. We are growing our audience through our content

Content Marketing has turned into its own art form. With the seemingly endless sea of content out there, why would our audience choose to consume what we’re putting out? People are actively avoiding ads on TV, Radio, and the Web. Why would they voluntarily spend their precious time consuming marketing content?

Create Good Content

It sounds overly simplistic, but if you’re constantly focused on creating good content, you’re already ahead of the game. You’ve probably come into contact with a load of “content creators” that put out content just to put out content. There’s really no rhyme or reason to a post, article, or video, but for some reason, it’s out there.

A proper content marketing strategy would never allow this kind of fluff. Every bit of your content that comes out should have a reason for existing. It should be able to answer a few questions:

  1. Does it have a clear, discernible message?
  2. Does it offer some type of value to the reader, viewer, or listener?
  3. Would you, yourself, actually consume the media you’re putting out into the world?

It may sound silly, but if you wouldn’t engage with the content you’re producing, it’s time to reconsider your strategy.

Does Your Content Marketing Strategy Need Some Direction?

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