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4 Key Website Design and Development Tips for Successful Businesses

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Jul 01,2021 / marketing strategy

Websites have become the lifeblood of most companies thanks to the prevalence of the internet in our lives. A business without an online presence might as well not be a business at all these days. When you think of it like that, making a quality website is the only option if you want to stay successful.

Flying blind into the challenge of creating your own website is a hefty undertaking all on your own, though. That’s why we’ve put together four key website design and development tips for successful businesses that will help you optimize your digital storefront.

1. Ditch the Templates

The first thing anyone looking to design a website should learn is that there is no singular template for the perfect website. While a good template can definitely help you to get your bearings, copying and pasting information into pre-made forms isn’t going to cut it. For one, it looks incredibly slapdash to anyone who’s ever seen the many other sites using that template. Beyond that, though, it limits your creativity and ability to express your message.

2. Optimize for Mobile

Mobile has grown from a niche market to the dominating force when it comes to websites. If your site doesn’t work properly on mobile, it might as well not exist at all. More and more people are using the internet primarily or even exclusively on phones, so it’s more important than ever to ensure those people are able to see what you have for them. Neglecting mobile is a very old web design standard that some developers still haven’t broken out of. Don’t make their mistakes and lose out on a ton of new clients as a result.

3. Stress Test

Having a website that looks good is only half the battle; it also has to function. When developing your website, it’s important that you constantly stress test the site before launch. There’s nothing more embarrassing than going public only to immediately shut down again for maintenance after someone finds a major bug or security problem. For this, the best advice you can use it to intentionally try to break your site in as many ways as possible. Use every strange trick you can think of to try compromising security or causing crashes in addition to the more routine things like generating pages to see if the code works. The more thorough you are, the more problems you can find and fix.

4. Lead People Where You Want Them

Your website serves many functions, one of them being as a marketing tool. That’s why you should be aware of where your site is leading people so you can better customize it to your advantage. Integrating social media links, using CTAs, and plugging your products or services are all ways to lead people to more engagement and more sales. If you aren’t conscious of this, though, your message is likely to get muddled and may seem fake or forced. Keep this in mind as you organize the site layout and develop your brand’s voice.

Web design and development can be a complicated thing. Jumping in on your own can be intimidating, but using these four tips will save you a lot of hassle and help guide you down the road to online success.

If you’re looking for some extra assistance in your web design or marketing strategy development, VIP Marketing is here. We’ve created more than 100 websites that rank in the top 10 lists within their category. You can trust our team at VIP Marketing to help you design and develop even the most complex projects. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we do or reach out immediately through our Hire Us form.

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