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4 Secrets to Facebook Lead Generation for Your Law Firm

15 December 2020
4 Secrets to Facebook Lead Generation for Your Law Firm

As you discuss how your law firm should be using Social Media Marketing, Facebook should be absolutely at the top of your agenda. As the most powerful social media outlet on the planet, Facebook can absolutely be leveraged to generate new leads. These four secrets will help you get the most out of your efforts.


4 Secrets to Generating Leads for Your Law Firm via Facebook

Though they sound small, these secrets make a huge difference in your ability to reach new leads through Facebook.

Secret 1: Smaller is bigger.

Though Facebook has billions of users, you’re not looking to connect with just anyone. You’re looking to target the specific people who are most likely to become your clients. Bearing that in mind should shape everything you do while marketing for your law firm on this platform.

Figure out where your clients hang out on Facebook. In what forums would you most likely interact with them? What groups attract them? Always target your engagement where your specific audience will be.

Nowhere is this mentality more important than in how you run your ads. If you choose to run paid ads on Facebook, you must be sure to target the ad’s audience with pinpoint precision. Rather than trying to cast a wide net, you will get the most out of your Facebook marketing investment when your ad’s audience is narrowly focused.

Secret 2: Do more than offer information.

People are already overloaded with information. According to the Harvard Business Review, people aren’t finding this dynamic helpful:

Current research suggests that the surging volume of available information—and its interruption of people’s work—can adversely affect not only personal well-being but also decision making, innovation, and productivity.

People don’t need any more information, and the offer of it just doesn’t engage them.

What does engage people, then?

  • – Asking questions
  • – Invoking expressions
  • – Providing incentives
  • – Making offers
  • – Delivering utility

You have to do more than give people information.

Instead of simply using your Facebook to show off the members of your practice and describe what services they offer, you should leverage your firm’s profile to spark curiosity and conversation among your followers.

Secret 3: Focus on one problem at a time.

As the old adage goes, “If you aim for nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” While your firm may offer a wide array of legal services, trying to advertise them all at the same time will be counterproductive. In trying to promote everything at the same time, you’re only succeeding in spotlighting nothing. When that happens, your audience feels no compulsion to reach out.

Whether you’re planning an engaging Facebook post for your firm’s account, planning your next paid Facebook ad, or wondering how most effectively to engage your audience, your first step should always be to start with a question.

Ask, “What do I want people to do?”

If you’re hoping that they’ll book a free, first-time consultation, you must create a sense of urgency. Why would they need to book time with you? Choose one reason why clients tend to do so. Then you can frame your entire engagement around that one concept.

Secret 4: Be consistent.

Whatever is worth doing is worth doing well. When it comes to social media marketing–particularly with regard to Facebook–consistency is a key. Given the way Facebook’s algorithms reward engagement, you can’t afford to let your posts lie fallow for any length of time. On a fairly regular basis, you must deliver new opportunities for your audience to connect.

Successful Facebook marketing campaigns require a consistent, long-term commitment.  However, if you’re able to develop an effective strategy, the return on your investment can be substantial.

Facebook Marketing for Law Firms – We Can Help

VIP Marketing has helped a number of law firms generate leads through Facebook. Contact us today for more information.

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