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Eric Elliott

A Happy Holiday is One You are Prepared For

Nov 16,2018 / advertising on instagram, advertising on facebook, Business Coaching

Although the holidays are around the corner, do not let this stop your business from operating completely. Stay prepared and make sure your clients know exactly when you are in the office. Although you may not be physically in the office, it is still possible to stay active. Make sure you have a plan laid out for operations before you break. You want everyone to be on the same page going into the holidays, so all goes as smoothly as possible. Do not wait until the holidays are here, you will become frantic and panicked when they sneak up behind you.

Schedule posts for social media and make sure to continue to engage with your audience. Since people are not working, this will give them more time to be on social media and engage with your company. Posting, re-sharing, and sending emails will let your audience know that even though it is the holidays, you are still dedicated to them. You also want to lay out everything for clients in advance and show them you are prepared. They are placing their trust in you to ramp up their marketing efforts during the holiday season.

You will want to keep in mind placing media during the holiday season can get expensive because it is very competitive. It is also important to be prepared with holiday creative to run. A generic post will not cut it. Your audience probably wants to see some festive content. Getting in the spirit of the holidays may be hard when you are up to your neck in work. Consider volunteering for a charity, hosting a holiday party, or decorating around the office. Anything to get your employees into the holiday spirit will lift their moods.

The most important thing is to be prepared. If you are ready for the holidays, it will be less overwhelming when they finally arrive. When it comes down to it the most important thing about the holidays is enjoying time with your family and loved ones. So stay on top of your plan but once everything is laid out, take some time to enjoy the holidays for yourself.


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