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AdCast Episode 28 – Political Advertising Pt.2 with Chad Israel

Apr 08,2020 / AdCast

The 2020 Presidential Election is underway and many candidates have hit the gas on their Political Advertising.

One candidate, Tom Steyer made a big impact with his series of political ads that you just couldn’t avoid…

In this episode:

We speak with the man behind the message, Social Media Guru Chad Israel. He’s the former Head of Social Media for Tom Steyer’s campaign run. Chad runs us through all things related to political advertising.

About Chad Israel:

Currently, Chad Israel holds the title of Senior Director/Head of Social Media. He possesses over 15 years of experience managing all kinds of brands. For instance, he’s handled everything from Fortune 500 brands to Millennial and Gen Z influencers. Chad’s managed TV projects, movie studios, and startup brands. He would describe himself as an innovative and data-driven industry leader with a playful personality and highly collaborative nature. Outside of political advertising, some of his passion projects that he has led, developed and launched include:

Hertz Corporation – Brought on to lead a massive corporate turn-around effort and launched two rebranding campaigns for Hertz, Dollar and Thrifty. Created an entirely new Social Media Department from the ground up.

☝️Won a Shorty Award for Best-In-Class Social Customer Care in 2018. Based on reversing sentiment from 88% Negative to a 30% Positive & 60% Neutral standing.

👏Lead the Crisis Management team and effort to sever relationships with the NRA. The Tweet sent lead to 350m organic impressions driving over $85m in Earned Media with Positive brand sentiment spiking to 97%.

👊Executing cross-functional campaigns and creating a turn-key ability to generate 600m impressions within 24hrs via Omni Social tactics.

👌Established an industry leading Influencer Program resulting in over $75m in Earned Media Value.

Previous Brands: Leading social strategy for Microsoft, Zojirushi, Morinaga, Zone Perfect, Chick-fil-A, Airborne, Rodney Strong, WaveJet, EASports- to name a few.


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