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Ad Cast Episode 31 – COVID 19 SPECIAL with Scott DeMalteris

May 13,2020 / AdCast

In this episode:

We speak with biohazard clean up expert Scott DeMalteris of Lightning Restoration in Florida. Eric wants to know about the number 1 subject on everyone’s minds these days: Covid-19. After years of working around dangerous areas, Scott is no stranger to PPE. As a result, few are more qualified to guide us through this unique situation.

Businesses are opening back up. How can you keep your business space safe for your employees and customers? In addition, what are the long-term effects Covid-19 could have? Also, Scott breaks down some of the myths making the rounds about the virus. Will Lysol do the trick? (Spoiler: NO) Finally, what should we expect after the country opens back up?

Find out in this week’s episode.

Listen Here:

About Lightning Restoration:

Lightning Restoration is a full service restoration company. Serving the Tampa Bay areas of Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, and Tarpon Springs, they offer 24/7 Emergency Service. The highly trained and licensed Lightning team provides expertise in many fields. In short, their specialties include water, sewage, mold, fire and smoke damage.

See more online at www.LightningRestore.com



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