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Ad Cast Rewind – Personal Injury Law Firms PT 1 w/ Attorney George Sink

22 July 2020
Ad Cast Rewind – Personal Injury Law Firms PT 1 w/ Attorney George Sink

In this episode:

This edition of AdCast Rewind is jam-packed with a ton of info about what it takes to grow a law firm to great success and stay top of mind for potential clients. We spoke with Mr. George Sink of George Sink PA, Injury Lawyers with offices located in South Carolina and Georgia.

In short, he speaks about his early days as a teacher in Detroit, what he learned in Vietnam, and what it took to start his own law practice over 40 years ago. What we’re trying to say is George Sink has some knowledge to impart to us. Notably, he shares what works and what doesn’t work in the world of law firm marketing.

About George Sink Injury Lawyers:

People come first with us. My personal injury law firm is truly client-oriented and we take a great deal of pride in caring for and helping injured people in South Carolina and Georgia. We will provide our very best services to you, your friends and family members if any injured person ever needs our help. We have helped over 40,000 injured people and are grateful for the opportunity to continue serving injured people.

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