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Digital Ads Targeting Social Hot Spots || Tuesday Tea

17 July 2020
Digital Ads Targeting Social Hot Spots || Tuesday Tea


How do companies continue to gain leads from social media? Social media is growing everyday, seemingly with a new update or platform. Snapchat, Spotify, and Facebook all recognize this and are ramping up their marketing methods to optimize leads.

Check out this breakdown blog from an episode of Tuesday Tea.

Snapchat Snapping You

Snapchat now has courses teaching you how to use Snapchat. 

Marketers and advertisers alike can now become ad certified through the Snapchat with their ads certification courses. 

These courses go over what Snapchat is, WHY advertise on Snapchat, how to create and publish snap-friendly ads, and then what to do with the results. 

Essentially, the  5Ws of Social Media Marketing.

This isn’t surprising since Snapchat has about 170 million users with a 40%  YOY. The most popular? The ‘discover’ page being the most popular.

Spotify Targeting You

Also mixing up the social ads, Spotify is now adding video ads to the mix through their own Ad Studio.

You can now target users based on what they are listening to and they kind of music they like, like a crazy ex-girlfriend. 

Here’s a fun fact – running video and audio ads produce ad recall that’s nearly 2 times higher than video ads alone, and brand awareness is two times greater.

Facebook Political Ads

While other social media moguls are greeting more ad-placement options, Facebook is giving you the option to opt-out of political ads this fall.

As of now, this political ad switch is only labeled as a  ‘see fewer’ option –  not ‘turn off political ads’, but Facebook says that the filter will turn off all ads with the ‘Paid for by’ political/issue disclaimer.

But on the same hand, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg says that you can expect to see a voting day countdown AND more resources like a map directing you to your closest polling location on both Facebook and Instagram

This is Facebook’s way of trying to make people not hate them after raising concerns about privacy issues. And, recently, their policies and algorithm problems.

We chatted about both of those topics in the last two Tuesday Teas

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