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Eric Elliott

Do I Market Myself or My Law Firm?

Feb 05,2018 / law firm marketing

Attorneys in every practice of law must tow the line between marketing the firm or the attorney. The focus of the marketing campaigns should be to blend the two together. The attorney and the firm should shift in importance and clarity through the marketing process to ensure accurate and equal representation of both.

When marketing the attorney, it is important to consider where you fit in the community and market towards your own likability. Who do you help, who are your fans, who may not be as impressed? You need to be a trustworthy and transparent figure in the community especially if the firm bears your name. Making yourself available and helpful is paramount to the success of your practice. The public must trust the name on the sign before they can even think about the firm. Emblazoning your name on a law firm places your personal reputation synonymous with that of the business. If the public does not like you, they will not utilize your services. You’ll need to be the trustworthy and reputable person at the helm of the origination. Be a person of the firm rather than the person the firm is attributed to. More importantly, be a person of the community, empowering others and promoting the success of your name and ultimately brand.

Market your firm as well organized and effective. Highlight the success of its resume. Use your marketing strategy to feature the team that runs the firm and allow for the creative produced to represent them as well. Chances are, when a client hires a firm bearing a name, they expect to work with the person they see on TV. The reality is: there are many other attorneys and the percentage of clients actually represented by the figure on television is very small. Aim to never disappoint clients when they are not matched with the attorney on the advertisements. Do not allow them even that expectation by adhering to a careful marketing plan for the firm and all professionals who are a part of it. Promote the name as a business and as a service.

In developing a marketing plan for yourself or your services, the most important thing you can do is to remember humanity. The reality is, if someone has been injured, they will never ever call a law firm first. They will dial 911. As soon as the initial shock has dissipated and they conclude they need help, your face and your firm need to be the help they think of instantly. Remembering and publishing examples of your firm’s understanding of humanity will create a trust in the community that is not easily broken and not soon forgotten.

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