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Free Ways to Maintain Relevancy During a Global Pandemic

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Mar 23,2020 / marketing strategy

There’s no easy way to put it, but things are rough out there right now and it appears that things are just going to get tougher before they get better.

The virus, COVID-19, keeps growing, and every precaution is being taken. While the overwhelming majority of people are obeying instructions by staying home and only going out for “essentials,” businesses are being forced to take measures to stay afloat.

Marketing Relevancy may be pretty low on many businesses’ lists when it comes to necessities, but businesses with the capabilities to do so should make every effort to stay relevant during this outbreak. Since we’re in a time when commerce and revenue as it an all-time low, we’ll focus on free ways to stay relevant in your sector.

1. Keeping a strong presence on Social Media

No one’s leaving their houses right now, and a significant number aren’t even leaving their couches. All sports, concerts, and festivals are halted for the time-being (This pandemic has even done the unthinkable by stopping The Rollings Stones’ tour). With all these distractions on indefinite hiatus, the world is turning to the Mother of All Distractions: Social Media.

It’s where we go to waste time, check on family members, and get breaking news from highly respected news sources and that one uncle that’s been prepping for this day for a decade. Our clients, customers, and constituents are scrolling through their feeds for hours at a time right now. Businesses need to be present here.

2. Focus on content creation and portraying the right message

Being present on Social Media is only a slice of the pie. (Without a solid message and a plan for content creation, you’re pretty much wasting your time. It’s become pretty apparent that most people aren’t wanting to be sold to during a time like this, so what message can a business put out there?

Not every bit of content has to have a sales message. What many people are looking for is information about the virus and how people are coping. A simple way a business can contribute is to stick to just this. If you see breaking news from a trusted source or local authorities, share and discuss it with people. Be a resource. Are there people within your business to spotlight or offer content on. Are there people you can help?

3. Offer distractions

Everything in media currently is centered around this virus. With no distractions to grab our attention in the actual world, people are creating some… interesting ways to pass the time. One thing businesses and agencies are doing is exactly what that linked article did: sharing enjoyable content from others.

How many times in history has an entire world been going through the same hardships at the same time? This is a time when everyone is glued to their phones and the constant stream of media coming through it. If a business is to survive, they have to remain relevant by speaking directly to these people.

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