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Getting Your Office COVID Clean

15 July 2020
Getting Your Office COVID Clean

Scott DeMalteris of Lightning Restoration talks keeping your office healthy and safe from  COVID-19 with the power of clean on The AdCast with Eric Elliott

Lightning Restoration, COVID-19, and a Clean Office

Lightning Restoration specializes in the cleanup from water damage, mold damage, fire damage, and biohazard contamination.

Usually, a company like this receives calls for things like mold or post-fire help. With COVID-19, Lightning Restoration gets calls for office, property, and home cleanings in fears of the Coronavirus. 

While Coronavirus is new, Scott DeMalteris tells Eric Elliott, cleaning for preventive maintenance is not new to Lightning Restoration.

“This is something we’ve always done in our 14 years of business. So, what we do is we’re going into properties and we’re applying a disinfectant that’s registered and certified by the EPA to kill coronavirus. The application that we’re doing is very specific on the way that you have to do it. And when we’re completed with the application, we actually do a test at the end to show the success of it. And what it is, it’s basically creating a healthy environment for people’s homes.”

Scott DeMalteries, Lightning Restoration 

Normal Cleaning  Won’t Kill Coronavirus

Many businesses have maids or cleaning services coming in to clean. Those services only reach a surface level of cleaning. This is ineffective because “this virus can live on different types of materials for over two weeks,” DeMalteries tells Elliott.

As COVID-19 spreads, people are spreading misinformation. Lightning Restoration takes this to the next level. The company goes in, tests the environment before and after cleaning to provide actual results, then showing the success rate of killing bacteria and viruses. 

How do you rid an area of a deadly virus? With aerosols

 You may do a decent job of cleaning your normal works spaces, but what you are not cleaning, according to DeMalteries, is the A/C system. Lysol just will not do it. 

Aerosols Won’t Provide a COVID-19 Clean Office

An air fogger with a specific cleaning mixture is the prescription to kick this virus out of your space.

You can buy an air fogger and cleaning supplies from your local Home Depot or Lowes, but you need a professional mix. Why? Because you are not cleaning efficiently.

“There’s a lot that goes into it. And at the end of the day, if someone has to put on a suit and a respirator do it, you really need to hire a professional.”

Scott DeMalteries, Lightning Restoration 

The Process

This only takes about 30 to 45 minutes and about 10 minutes of airing out time.  Not only will this kill viruses that are currently in the environment, but the chemical mixture from Lightning Restoration will also continue to kill viruses for up to 90 days after the initial clean. 

“The products we have has a 90 day dwell time, which means it’ll continue to kill what touches it for the next 90 days. So, those are good for office settings, but not so great for home settings. The truth of the matter is, when we go in and we do an application like this, if it’s not that product, what we’re talking about is doing an application where it basically kills what’s there now. And if you bring it in after that, you bring it in after that.”

Scott DeMalteries, Lightning Restoration 

While these are all great steps,  a step you would not think about it heading to your family doctor to make sure YOU will not get sick from the cleaning agents. 

“…people have different chemical sensitivities. We give them what’s called the SDS sheet, which gives all the properties and harmful scenarios for dealing with a chemical like that. We give them all of that information so they can talk and consult with their family physicians.”

Scott DeMalteries, Lightning Restoration 

Follow Guidelines

DeMaltieres also stresses the importance of preventative measures when you do have to make a grocery run or head to the office.  Wear a mask, wipe things down, wash your hands, and social distance. Lightning Restoration’s way of cleaning will only work if you follow guidelines.

Following the Lightning Restoration method will help your office stay healthy and clean.



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