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How to place media for your business

02 November 2018
How to place media for your business

Gone are the days the public chooses a network to watch and remains a loyal viewer of that network alone. It’s one thing having a partiality to a certain TV station, but today we are finding viewers are seeking the best programming, regardless of network. This programming is also now not only exclusive to TV; it includes the internet as well. It is imperative to find your target audience early on, to find the best fit for specific advertising plans.

Here are four keys to using the program more, and relying on the network less.

Social media is real.

Pay attention to trends amongst shows. Social media outlets offer big indicators of what tv and internet shows are popular. Simply going to your own social mediums will let you know which shows are top in ratings. Use that to your advantage when advertising, and place your product around these programs.

Multiple targets are available across multiple networks.

Network loyalty is not as impactful as the shows that are actually aired. If “The Walking Dead” moved to CBS primetime, many would not blink an eye to move their attention away from AMC, at least during that time slot. “Grey’s Anatomy” would still command some of the best ad spots if it aired on NBC. Multiple demographics get measured during these types of programming: old, young; male, female; rich, or poor, are targeted.

Internet streaming is at a premium.

Thinking in terms of pop-up ads on the internet, it is useful to consider how often people view these shows. Many watchers binge on pre-recorded seasons, so blasting advertising on each episode ensures the memory and recall of your product. It matters little where this programming will be accessed, rather place your strategy on the timing of a viewer’s schedule.

Attaching to live shows and programming is key.

In contrast to internet streaming, certain shows are DVR resistant. Viewers want to watch news and sports in real time, and your marketing strategy requires the forethought to use this immediate attention to your advantage. Pay-per-view channels are often overlooked, until a big sporting event gets aired. Say you’re a car dealer or a home improvement company, there is little doubt Sunday Night Football on NBC and Monday Night Football on ESPN isn’t where you need focus for advertising. All different networks and mediums, yet one commonly themed program is key in maximizing profits and ROI.

Having the insight to identify the hottest programming is important, and you want to use an attentive marketer to realize your goal. An agency that focuses on marketing your brand to the right people, capture their attention and get results. Make sure your marketing plan targets the ideal programming for your product and focuses less on network alignment.

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