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Inspiration without profit is trash

Nov 02,2018 / Business Coaching


Some people may not agree with this quote but it is in fact true. As we all know, inspiration comes from everywhere but we cannot know if our inspiration will produce results.

No matter what business you’re in, everything leads back to money, to profit. Lots of companies spend countless hours and copious amounts of money investing in a new product that doesn’t produce the projected results. This in fact proves this inspiration while innovative, was not profitable and cannot claim to be creative. However, even if an inspiration is not creative, that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a bad idea. There are no bad ideas, just ideas that will lead to better ones. And it’s all about knowing your customer and their behaviors that unfortunately, we cannot predict with 100% accuracy.

Popular social media mogul Facebook released the Facebook Phone in 2011. While this was a great idea, an excellent concept, a thoughtful product, it failed after releasing. Facebook spent billions to research, invest and develop, but their phone could not bring a profitable return making this product ineffective and essentially, trash.

Another example to consider is the show The Pitch. Two advertising agencies present their ideas and the client chooses the agency they will work with. We ultimately don’t know if one or the other agency’s ideas will be more profitable than the other. At the end there is still a clear winner and a clear loser and the losing team loses more than the business; they lose time and money. And their inspiration, while a great idea, was trash because it was not profitable.

In the end, inspiration whether good or bad is not about our thoughts, our ideas. It’s about fulfilling the clients’ needs in a creative and engaging way as a good creative should be.

I heard somewhere, “To be inspired is great. To inspire is incredible”. So, be the best, and predict the maximum risk when you launch a new product, new design or new campaign.

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