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Is My Agency Ethical?

14 May 2018
Is My Agency Ethical?

is my agency ethicalContractual obligations abound in the world of marketing and advertising. Selling services, consultations, expertise and campaigns allow agencies to stay in business, build brand awareness and continue to help companies generate new business and maintain old. Services provided by marketing and advertising agencies are typically understood within a scope of services. This is an agreement of work designed to produce leads and new business opportunity. A contract is drawn up dictating the length of the agreement as well as the expectations from both parties.

Clients come to an agency because something in their past branding efforts did not work. Their internal marketing department may not be effective enough on their own, or they are interested in a higher level of service such as a professionally managed, diversified campaign strategy. The agency designs a shopping cart of services that will, if correctly implemented and received, provide the desired results.

Direct involvement in the client’s campaigns is necessary for success and promotes good business practices. Careful measurement of involvement will determine, “Is my agency ethical?” Setting up campaigns and leaving them to ride out the contract is indicative of a lack of market knowledge, very little investment in the client and will damage the reputation of the agency. It is a method only to collect a monthly check. No professional in the medical field determines a treatment and walks away. Their team follows up and sees the patient to wellness step by step. The contractual obligations of the agency should be no different. If you put someone in a year long advertising agreement and it becomes clear that the medium is not effective, let them out. Repurpose the agreement into an effective method of advertising for both parties. Longevity in agency/client relationships is not built by a stone carved contract but by mutual benefit.

Agencies are built on an ability to use a combination of understanding, strategy and creative service to provide results that help clients. When the services are sold for the sake of selling, that foundation crumbles. You deserve VIP Marketing.


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