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Is Traditional TV Advertising Dead?

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Oct 08,2020 / marketing strategy, advertising strategy, advertising for your small business

Sorta, traditional TV advertising reaches large masses but if these masses are the right target for your products or services is not a guarantee. Every marketer expects a return on investment especially when you have to dig deep to pay for a TV advertisement. A lot of businesses use smarter strategies to reach their audience, create brand awareness, and sell their products and services. Statistics show that 94%  of marketers used Facebook to promote their businesses while 76% used Instagram to promote and create awareness.

Traditional TV Advertising vs Digital Advertising

Advertising is quickly evolving and digital platforms are growing in popularity. In the age of smartphones, it is rare for families to sit together at a specific time to watch TV. Most people can easily access digital videos, data, infographics, or any content they want when they want it. This makes digital platforms an integral part of marketing campaigns. Here is why digital advertising is more preferred than traditional TV advertising

Behavioral Marketing

Unlike TV advertising that uses demographics and ratings to advertise, digital marketing makes an effort to be specific. Marketers and advertisers are keen on studying the behavior of their customers. Marketers can reach specific customers and offer them products according to their tastes and preference. Customer behavior can include:

  • – When and what time they access the internet
  • – Which gadget they use
  • – The tone of voice they prefer to be addressed with

Content Marketing

Traditional TV advertising will bombard viewers with an advertisement that is irrelevant to them. Digital marketing shares relevant content that is helpful to a specific targeted audience. In digital marketing content is always king and people are always looking for information on the internet. Providing relevant and helpful content like digital videos, printable materials, and infographics will foster trust with your customers. This is an effective strategy that will create more leads and a higher conversion rate. Finally, as we know, higher conversion rates usually result in higher profits in sales.

Social Media

Billions of people are on social media and marketers have taken their marketing campaigns to them to create their brand awareness, and expand their reach. Businesses are using social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms to interact with their customers. They’ll respond to feedback and keep up with the latest trends that could be helpful.


Video Advertising

Video Advertising is one of the most popular and affordable methods of marketing. You can easily create a video of your product in a very short time and at almost no cost. Most people like to watch videos. They can download them at any time on their smartphones or computers or even share with their friends. You can use digital videos to point customers and potential customers to your website. Platforms like YouTube and other digital videos are an excellent way to create brand awareness and conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Content is great and it will always be king if it’s high-quality and relevant. However, you will need to reach your potential customers and cut through all the noise on the internet. You will need to optimize your content so that it can rank well on Search Engines. Using the best practices, your customers can easily find you on Google. In the dynamic world of advertising it helps to have a variety of options. Voice search is gaining steam, and it’s an addition to ways your customers can find you.


In short, groups using traditional TV advertising continue to dwindle. Marketers are opting for smarter, more effective strategies that can measure return on investment and give them the metrics they need. Digital marketing is scientific and data-driven. Marketing analytics can help you understand what and where you need to focus your marketing campaign. If you’re in need, VIP marketing can revamp your entire marketing strategy. Give us a call today

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