Eric Elliott

Kleenex Your Brand

Feb 12,2020 / Marketing Strategy

“Grab me a Kleenex.

You’ve heard it possibly every time someone sneezes.

“I need a Coke!”

Anytime someone is thirsty.

“I can’t do anything before I have my Starbucks.”


Google it.”

The response every time someone has a question.

Now, Google Apple.

Once upon a time, an actual apple would be the first thing to pop up on Google.


Now, Apple, of Apple iPhone and iTunes, pops up, dominating SEO.

How do these brands make themselves THE brand?


Not just money (which helps), but time and effort into their business and brand.

Behind every good business is a damn good brand.

The brand that makes people change your business’s name from a noun to a verb.

What steps should you take to make your brand stand out?

Kleenex your brand.

Is your brand’s reputation clean?

From the finances to the social content, does it stand out against the rest?

Can it hold its own in against a ravenous cold?

Drink an ice cold Coke.

What is the world thirsty for? Is it your brand? What does your business quench that others do not? Think about values.


What is it about your brand that makes you get out of bed in the morning? What really fires you up? How would it fire up others?

Google Yourself.

When you Google your business/brand, what comes up?

If you could describe yourself in a verb, other than “marketing” or “selling,” what would that verb be? Why?

Now, if you “googled” that self-proclaimed verb, what would come up?

Do you have the tools to make yourself the “top” Google search?

One thing you can do to make your brand the Apple of said-industry, is placement. Place yourself on the map with VIP Marketing.

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