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Social News this Week of July 28- August 2

02 August 2019
Social News this Week of July 28- August 2

You may have found yourself asking, “Where did my memes go?” Instagram has deleted a ton of popular meme accounts without a fair warning. Why?

They violated platform policies within a specific time window. There has been a ton of backlash after these accounts have been taken down since a lot of these profiles were generating income for these users.

The official Twitter profile has unfollowed its CEO Jack Dorsey.

In an effort to celebrate its’ users, Twitter followed a handful of random accounts and began publishing their tweets for an advertising campaign. Twitter has even gone as far to print these tweets and advertise them in the NYC Subway.

Facebook is allowing the capability to run ads in search for some advertisers. Although this is not available to everyone yet, they are testing the success with some advertisers.

Updates to Spotify advertising are here! Spotify is offering interest targeting and real-time context targeting.

This will allow the advertiser to choose from a list of categories to target and buy certain departs to reach a more specific audience. Looks like it might be time to invest in Spotify Premium if you do not want to receive more ads.

Snapchat has launched Instant Create to ease the advertising process on Snapchat. Before, it was hard to entice advertisers to take advantage of ad opportunities on Snapchat.


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