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The Zoom Effect Apps are Having During COVID-19 || Tuesday Tea

20 July 2020
The Zoom Effect Apps are Having During COVID-19 || Tuesday Tea

Zoom, the video conferencing platform, was downloaded over 300 million times worldwide in Quarter 2. 

This surpasses Pokemon Go’s epic 2016 download milestone and TikTok‘s monumental 2020 numbers.

Zoom’s revenue spikes while TikTok is battling the United States government as ban rumors circulate.

The Trump campaign is running a Facebook ad asking people to sign a petition to ban TikTok.

Why is this a thing? Well, there have been concerns that TikTok has too much access to Americans’ information due to its Chinese parent company, ByteDance.

“It’s unclear how much effort the administration will put into actually investigating the seriousness of the specific security concerns with the app versus using this as a threat for broader geopolitical leverage,” tech policy expert Betsy Cooper tells Cnet.

Read more on how this potential ban would play out and why the privacy issues raise concern. 

This ban is unlikely due to TikTok’s success (5.6 Billion in one-quarter kind of success), popularity, and a potential Human Rights’ issue.

While we’re talking apps, Americans are downloading and spending more than ever.

Three out of 10 Americans have downloaded a gaming, streaming, or shopping app since the beginning of quarantine.

One-third being within the last 15-30 days AND 51 percent being a food or alcohol delivery app.

Which leads Critero to find that 58 percent of Americans make in-app purchases.

Gen-Z and Millenials dominate this jump, while ‘Boomers’ are downloading Zoom.

Find out how Gen-Z is taking control of the marketing in this Tuesday Tea.

So, if anyone or anything can benefit from a global pandemic, its technology.

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