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Turning Your Website Into a Lead Generation Tool

Mar 26,2021 / Marketing Strategy

The website is one of your most valuable tools in business. Making and running a lead generation website isn’t always as easy as it sounds, though. Far too often, a company that has trouble running its site will simply leave it to languish, giving up one of their greatest assets in the world of marketing and connecting with customers.

Building websites for lead generation is a great way to get your brand out there, but if you’re not sure how to do that, it can seem like a waste of time. To remedy that issue, let’s look at some simple things you can do to turn your website into a lead generation tool.

Content Front and Center

Lead generation is about getting people interested in the things your business does, and what’s a better way to do that than showing them directly? Increased engagement with your website will depend on quality content being easy to find. Not only does it genuinely get potential customers looking more closely at what you do, it’s a great boost to traffic that will help you rank higher on search engines. If you neglected to have something like a blog in the past or infrequently updated the content you did have, this is the sign to fix that.

CTAs Aplenty

A call to action is a much more effective tool at lead generation than most people realize. For many people, they simply won’t do something unless asked, so it’s imperative that websites for lead generation have some kind of CTA at the end of content. There are various ways to go about this, though. For one, be sure to add the appropriate CTAs to the appropriate content (think attaching a service for lawn care to a blog about gardening tips, a gutter service to a home improvement article, etc.). You might also try creating some kind of image or button to use for your CTAs instead of a simple link through text.

Consider Where Traffic Comes From for a Lead Generation Website

Visitors to your website won’t all be coming from the same place, so it’s important to account for this as you improve your lead generation tools. If you aren’t already, start tracking where your traffic comes from to get a better idea of your audience and what topics are most popular on your site. By doing this, you’ll have the information to make a whole host of positive changes like custom landing pages for different sites, more targeted content towards your best-performing niches, and more.

Free Downloads

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to know that people like free stuff. An easy way to improve your lead generation, then, would be to offer free downloads on your site. This ups engagement and retention time while helping to increase interest in the things you do and sell. An e-book is the direction many go with, usually focused around a topic relevant to their overall platform that they can create with minimal effort. Additionally, you can use these downloads as a means of collecting valuable information on clients if you ask them to input things like name, email, and more before they’re allowed to download. This also makes your downloads a great way to advertise a mailing list, too.

In Summary

Allowing a website to go unused is a critical mistake in the digital age. Turn your site into a lead generation juggernaut using these tips.

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