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VIP Marketing's Strategic Excellence in Reggie Burgess' Historic Mayoral Win

07 December 2023
 reggie burgess for mayor case study by VIP Marketing

In November 2023, the city of North Charleston witnessed a historic moment as Reggie Burgess secured a groundbreaking victory, becoming its first African American Mayor. This landmark win not only marked a significant chapter in the city's political history but also represented the culmination of a strategically executed and visually compelling campaign.


The primary goal of Reggie Burgess' mayoral campaign was clear for VIP Marketing: to secure his election as the Mayor of North Charleston. The overarching theme of the campaign, encapsulated in the slogan "Win. Every. Day.," underscored our commitment to portraying Reggie as a relentless and determined leader in his community through our digital strategies.

Reggie-burgess objective

Central to the campaign was Reggie's personal message, delivered with passion and conviction. He underscored his extensive 34-year career in public service, from joining the North Charleston Police Department in 1989 to being appointed Chief of Police in 2018. Reggie expressed his unwavering commitment to public safety, outlined his goals for economic development, and emphasized his dedication to fostering inclusivity within the community.

Campaign Identity and Web Development

At the heart of the campaign's visual identity was a meticulously crafted logo. VIP Marketing’s logo design, inspired by the Noisette Pedestrian Bridge located in North Charleston, aligns perfectly with Reggie's vision for his community. The bridge arc imagery was carefully chosen to reflect this vision by inviting voters to walk toward a brighter future with Reggie.

The campaign's color palette and typography were also bespoke, strategically chosen to evoke the energy and determination inherent in Reggie's candidacy. Professional brand guidelines were established to ensure consistency across all campaign materials, reinforcing a cohesive and recognizable visual identity.


The online dimension of the campaign by VIP Marketing was equally crucial, manifested through a visually engaging and user-friendly website. The digital platform not only echoed the campaign's visual identity but also served as a hub for information, updates, and engagement. Full-service SEO, website hosting, and maintenance were strategically employed to optimize reach and impact to voters

Video Production

VIP Marketing’s production team, Craft Creative, conceptualized and produced four compelling television commercials, strategically showcasing Reggie's decades-long commitment to public service. From script to delivery, the focus was on capturing the energy of the campaign, emphasizing Reggie's reliability, accessibility, and dedication to the people of North Charleston.

Craft Creative orchestrated the visual narrative through carefully curated photography sessions during the production days. These images portrayed Reggie Burgess as the epitome of leadership, highlighting his 34 years of dedicated service through a compelling visual story.


reggie burgess results

The comprehensive digital marketing strategy implemented by VIP Marketing played a pivotal role in Reggie Burgess’ historic win. The combination of a visually compelling identity, emotionally resonant video content, and impactful messaging resonated with voters, contributing to a transformative moment in North Charleston's political landscape. VIP Marketing is proud to have been part of this historic campaign, showcasing the power of effective digital marketing, branding and video production in shaping positive change.

See a full visual breakdown of the project here.
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