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6 Signs That Your Law Firm’s Social Media is Failing Your Business

Nov 16,2020 / Law Firm Marketing

Using a social media account for your business involves having experience with this platform and understanding technology and people. The most important factor you need to be successful with law firm social media marketing is experience in marketing, as a whole.

Many law firms are beginning to maintain a social media presence to reach clients. To be successful, there needs to be an understanding and experience in law firm marketing. Law firm marketing through social media platforms typically fail in one of two areas:

  • Lack of understanding of how law firm marketing fits with social media
  • No ability to see correlations between quantifiable ROI and activities on social media

In short, your law firm social media marketing management may be using social media in the wrong way if you notice these 6 signs.

1. You’re Posting For New Regulations and Laws

While it makes sense for your firm to post new laws and regulations related to your area of practice, you want to be careful how much of your opinion appears in those posts. You risk alienating potential clients from seeking your services if their views don’t align with yours. Laws and regulations related to controversial political issues should be avoided at all costs. At the same time, do not post any personal beliefs. In other words, a law firm marketing team should be aware of what is professionally acceptable and what is too personal to post. 

2. Images Are Not Reflecting Your Posts’ Appeal

Law firms should include images on their social media posts. However, the choice of the images can affect the appeal of the post and your firm’s overall social media presence. One area to observe is using images that infringe on copyrights or reposting any image without permission. If potential clients discover you have been charged with posting images illegally, it will affect your credibility. A law firm marketing team needs to be aware of how easy it is to post images without approval and how seriously it can affect your reputation.

3. Personal Posting is Appearing on Your Firm’s Page

A law firm marketing team should monitor that you have not mistakenly posted something on the firm’s page you intended for your personal pages. It would look poorly for the firm should your personal posts and photos were mistakenly sent on behalf of your law firm. 

4. Misuse and Abuse of Hashtags

Twitter streamlined the use of hashtags, and since then, they have expanded to other social media platforms. They work well for reaching wider audiences and are a means of joining popular conversations online. However, hashtags can also backfire if you don’t use them carefully. It’s often easy to overuse and abuse hashtags. Your law firm marketing team needs to be aware of when to use hashtags and when not to use them. Overuse of these can make your social media posts look unprofessional. 

5. Posts Appear Related to Ongoing Cases

It can put your firm at serious legal risks if comments appear on social media related to ongoing cases. A  law firm marketing team should understand this is unwise. Nonetheless, some still allow comments that put the firm in jeopardy. A law firm marketing team needs to understand the firm is held to similar ethical rules and understand the laws regarding the legality of posting on social media.

6. Negative Feedback Appears on Your Social Media Page

Client testimonials can be good for your firm. Posting feedback campaigns might look like a good means of getting those reviews. There is, however, the risk of getting negative feedback with the positive. Your law firm’s marketing team has to be careful about soliciting feedback on a public forum as it could gain unfavorable comments if you do not want to go to the public.

Wrapping things up, you should use Social Media as part of your law firm marketing strategy to establish an online presence and generate new clients for your firm. The experts at VIP Marketing understand that your firm is not a one-size-fits all firm, and is ready to show you marketing solutions to keep you in touch the right way with your targeted audience.

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