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How Your Law Firm Should Be Using Social Media Marketing

08 October 2020
How Your Law Firm Should Be Using Social Media Marketing

You know that Social Media Marketing is the way of the near future, but it feels like your law firm isn’t going about it in quite the right way. How can your law firm use social media marketing to their advantage without burning out from overwhelm or being totally ineffective?

Use it to Grow your Online Presence

We as a human race are spending more and more time online, and more and more time on our social media channels. It stands to reason that your target audience, the people who will most benefit from your Law Firm’s services, are also spending increasing amounts of time on their social media platforms of choice.

Just like print or TV marketing, Social Media Marketing has a lot to do with keeping your brand in front of your target audience and in the forefront of their minds, just on a different medium. It’s all about growing your visible, online presence so that your future clients see you on their feeds more often. Here’s how you do that:

  1. Find out what platforms your clients like to use
    Every target demographic “hangs out” on some combination of social media platforms, but no demographic uses all of them. To streamline your process and avoid overwhelming your audience, do some market research on which sites your target demographic uses and limit your social media marketing plan to include only those.
  2. Learn what it takes to succeed on that platform
    Every platform favors a different kind of content. Youtube and TikTok are video platforms. Facebook likes text posts combined with photos or graphics. Instagram likes photos and graphics (to name the top ones). Additionally, things like search optimization, hashtag use, and even frequency of posts will differ from platform to platform. Shortly, make sure you understand the implications of each social media type.
  3. Create a Content Plan
    Once you’ve done your research, get a plan in place. You want to make sure that you are posting several times per week to get your info in front of people’s eyes, and have a clear idea of what you want to get out of your content – leads? engagement? Make sure your content plan will help you reach your business goals (keep reading for some ideas on how to do that!)



Use it to Build Trust

We all know that trust is paramount when it comes to a client choosing a law firm. It can seem difficult to build true trust on social media. However, consumers are getting more and more used to building digital trust. Your law firm can structure a social media marketing plan to do just that.

To build trust, there are 5 Things you need to demonstrate through your law firm’s social media marketing: Authenticity (be upfront and real with your marketing), Personality (let your followers in on the people behind the profile), Originality (no one can do what you do – let your brand be unique), Focus (stay on message – don’t post irrelevant content)and Authority (demonstrate value, be helpful, and prove your expertise through conversation and engagement).

These 5 tenants will look different for each brand, even for each individual law firm. Let your uniqueness shine through your feed!

Use it as a Lead Generator

Once you have a plan in place to build trust, your social media platform will naturally lend itself to lead generation. Followers who resonate with your brand and your values will naturally be drawn to hiring your law firm. All it takes is a simple call to action post (or push) every once in a while to grab those already warm leads.

Looking to turn your Social Media profiles into lead generation tools? Give VIP Marketing a call today.

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