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Ad Cast Episode 29 – Marketing During Times of Crisis w/ Harlan Schillinger

Apr 15,2020 / AdCast

In this episode:

Since beginning his legal advertising career in 1978, Harlan Schillinger has learned a lot about law firms. Today we speak with him about how to navigate your business through this trying time in history. Marketing during Coronavirus is a sensitive and tricky endeavor. Some businesses will win, while others will lose. How can your business come out on top? Learn the steps to take to make sure your law firm survives.

COVID-19 is changing the marketing world forever. If there is a person equipped to help your marketing during coronavirus, Harlan Schillinger is your man.

Listen Here:

About Harlan Schillinger

Harlan Schillinger has spent four decades within legal advertising. In this time, he’s developed a  passion for legal marketing, intake, and conversion. He’s an ideal candidate to help us understand marketing during Coronavirus.

Harlan is widely considered the Grandfather of Legal Advertising. He was the very first in the Legal field to produce and market TV Advertising for the Legal community. Harlan’s commercials started airing throughout the country in 1978-79.

Harlan has worked with more than 130 law firms in over 98 markets throughout North America. Currently, he is consulting privately only with lawyers who share his vision of increasing business, being accountable, and obtaining high-value cases. He takes, perhaps, the most unique approach to intake and conversions. His process relies on holding specialists accountable. That is, every member of your law firm is essential to finding success.


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