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Are You Buying Buzzwords?

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Apr 30,2018 / marketing strategy

are you buying buzzwordsThe world of marketing and advertising is populated by a vocabulary all its own. Marketing has evolved from print to radio, radio to television, television to digital. The opportunities are endless and the mediums, more and more inclusive. Social media, wireless technology and the implementation of smartphones into everyday life have presented many new avenues for marketing and advertising. The various tactics and options for advertising all come by different names and can be confusing to an untrained ear.

Marketing conferences are valuable for business owners of all types. It is beneficial to want to learn a thing or two about where they can improve their marketing plans. These conferences are very informative about all the avenues you can choose from, especially in digital marketing. Ad words, geo-fencing, clicks, hits, visitors, hosting, programmatic advertising, frequency, CPMs. These are all buzzwords. They’re all effective if employed correctly, but the reality is, they are not all necessary for every business model.

Leaving the conference, it’s easy to think, “I want everything. If I purchase all of those, my marketing will skyrocket.” That’s incorrect. The secret to effective marketing is not purchasing every shiny and new buzzword or capability you hear of, but carefully selecting the ones that are effective in your market and to your target customers.

It is a diagnostic task similar to that of a doctor. Just because every prescription medication exists does not mean it should be taken all at once, together. The same goes for a business. The marketing ailment won’t be solved by throwing every solution at it, but rather, by crafting a careful plan and implementing it using one or two of the methods described above.

Professionals built these advertising mediums and it can take professionals to decide which to utilize. This will increase efficiency and lower the amount of ineffective spending within the marketing and advertising budget. Don’t let yourself be buying buzzwords. Purchase for effectiveness. Purchase for growth. Make selections under the guidance of a professional. You deserve VIP Marketing.

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