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Has search changed?

02 November 2018
Has search changed?

Search has changed and so has the searcher. Is your business running your campaigns accordingly? Want to know more? Get a marketing team in your pocket and sign up for our newsletter!

Search has changed and so has the searcher. Any time you Google something or you pick up Apple’s iPhone and say, “Hey Siri” help me with this or “Hey Siri, who has the best pizza in town?” now the search has become so conversational. It’s changed the way you set up your SEM campaigns. If you want to know more, log on to Of course I can do the Q&A all day but if you have any questions, I’d love for you to go to Go to the tab that says “Ask VIP” and submit your questions. We’ll make sure that you are anonymous. Don’t forget every Wednesday we have our podcast that comes out called Your Daily Development. You can get it in Google Play, SoundCloud, or in the iTunes store, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. You deserve VIP Marketing.

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