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How To Advertise A Personal Injury Law Firm

Jun 17,2019 / Law Firm Marketing

Having a personal injury law firm is just as competitive as having a franchise automotive dealership. In this short read, I will discuss the fundamentals of advertising a personal injury law firm. Keep in mind that every law firm is different and how they promote themselves says a great deal about the firm.

When it comes to advertising a personal injury law firm, there are some specific strategies to bear in mind. If you’re running a small personal injury firm, it can be especially challenging to stand out from the crowd. After all, every personal injury company is promising the same things. How can a small firm find its niche? Here are some top marketing tips to help with this unique problem.

Finding the Distinctions

The first step in marketing any PI law firm is to identify what makes it different from its competitors. Does it specialize in one specific type of injury? Does your firm carry out much work for one particular demographic group? It is critical to find an area on which to emphasize.

Having a targeted geographic approach is also essential for most local personal injury law firms. When there is a limited marketing budget, a firm must spend those dollars on raising brand awareness in the right area. It is imperative to employ local SEO strategies and harness the power of Google Local Search.

Creating A Microsite

Any personal injury law firm should have a well-designed and effective website. However, if your company has a specific area of expertise, you should have an SEO-friendly microsite that highlights this.

Public Relations

Another area to explore is public relations. It is possible to place your company as an authority in your field through articles, press releases, presentations, and interviews. Then, you can use this content on the microsite or website to further enhance your optimization efforts.

A Multi-Pronged Approach

The most effective marketing strategy for any PI law firm involves taking a multi-pronged approach. The best advertising agencies will combine an online lead-generating platform with an effective e-mail marketing strategy. They will also make sure to list your company in the most prominent legal directories to build trust among target clients. Video marketing is another popular trend that a firm can harness to reach a wider audience. While online marketing is essential, there is still a place for offline marketing. Flyers, business cards, advertisements, and banner stands are all vital components. They should be in close alignment with your brand’s online presence. Here again, a skilled advertising agency can help by creating strong branding and a recognizable logo.

Making a personal injury law firm stand out can be a challenge. However, with the right approach and a skilled advertising agency on board, it is possible to achieve great success. For more insight or discussion on this topic visit www.veryimportantplacement.com

About The Author:

Eric Elliott is a marketing and creative professional and serves as Principal for VIP Marketing and Advertising and integrated marketing agency, Principal of Craft Creative and Editor of The Legal AdJournal, based in North Charleston, SC.
In 2018 his advertising agency, VIP Marketing and Advertising received notoriety as one of the top 400 branding agencies in the United States by Clutch. When Eric isn’t working on an ad campaign or creating the next advertising masterpiece for his clients, he spends time with his wife and children, he enjoys consuming social knowledge and attending marketing conferences. He is currently focusing his energy towards his podcast The AdCast and publishing a self-help memoir. You can reach him at Eric@heyimeric.com or various social media sites like FacebookInstagramLinkedin, Snapchat.

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