Eric Elliott

Is your message in a bottle?

May 23,2016 / Marketing Strategy


Why are advertisers putting more emphasis on the media channel than they do their message? Has anyone ever come to you and said “hey that station has great ads on their channel.” I doubt that. You may be more familiar with someone mentioning the ad itself to you. 

I saw a television ad today on a local network affiliate that didn’t have any meaning. The ad didn’t have a message, call to action nor a reason to do business with their company. It was simply a commercial and not creative. This message was simply a waste of time and production.

In situations such as this the advertiser has spent dollars on a campaign that doesn’t work. The client then believes the medium or channel doesn’t work. This can put a bad taste in the mouth of an advertiser. TV stations aren’t creative shops that make memorable creative ads they are best at running programs and local news.

Before you place your next TV schedule think about your budget, media and message. Your creative should be clear and effective developed with your core customer in mind. Whether it is digital, traditional or social, your media should be targeted towards your core audience. Don’t spend dollars going after Z when H is truly your customer. You should have a realistic budget in mind that can allow you enough frequency within the marketplace to have your message seen or heard.

Don’t let your message be in a bottle.

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