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Learn a new skill from home

27 March 2020
Learn a new skill from home

We’ve all found ourselves with some free time on our hands. While so many of us stay updated with the latest news about COVID-19 with the background noise of Podcasts or Netflix, savvy professionals can utilize this time by either learning new crafts or honing those you already know. I’ve gathered up some of the most highly helpful resources for those of you wanting to learn the most widely used platforms in use.

Free Marketing Learning

Google Skillshop

You may remember Google Skillshop from its original name, Academy for Ads. Here, you’ll find the basics and best practices straight from the source. Depending on your company roles or potential interests, I would recommend sticking to a Certification Path. By going through the lessons and completing assessments, you’ll receive an actual certification you can display on a digital resume, LinkedIn profile, or even in a frame on your wall.

Facebook Blueprint

You’re probably noticing a trend here. Outside of time-sensitive offers and specific sales, most of your free resources will come directly through the platform. In a similar way to Google, Facebook offers free courses to get up and running ads through the platform.

In my personal experience, I would highly recommend going through these Facebook courses before placing ads on the platform, as many advertisers have made mistakes and been permanently banned for an assortment of reasons. Take note that, in a majority of these instances, when your account is disabled, it’s unlikely to reactivate.

HubSpot Academy and Salesforce Trailhead

Most companies worth their salt keep their machine running through a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). We live in a world that needs to generate more and more business through more and more customers. With some many moving parts and considering the importance of maintaining these relationships with customers, CRMs have moved to the forefront of all successful businesses. HubSpot and Salesforce are two of the biggest names in this technology, so both have offers to help people learn both the platforms as well as helpful skills.

While both are tremendously beneficial, especially if your current or future employer utilizes one of these, you’ll notice that the provided courses specialize in different skills.. HubSpot Academy is probably best known for their courses in Inbound Marketing and the certification that comes with a final exam. It’s the certification you’ll see on most candidate’s resume and LinkedIn. This course offers general insights not only for the HubSpot CRM but for your marketing knowledge as a whole. As you move more through Salesforce’s Trailhead, you’ll see that these courses are designed with Salesforce CRM mastery in mind. While the knowledge is certainly useful if you work within Salesforce on a daily basis, I would recommend HubSpot Academy if you are looking for more of a holistic learning experience.

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