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Reset Your Business During COVID-19

17 August 2020
Reset Your Business During COVID-19


One thing that COVID-19 has taught us is that now, especially in business, it’s time to hit the reset button.

Just because COVID happened, doesn’t mean you have to quit; it doesn’t mean you have to keep going on.

Find the new YOU in you.

Look at the foundation of your business. Where are the cracks?

Discover the weaknesses and strengths of your business.

Sometimes, you need to tear the company down the bones to build it back up.

Right now. Hit the reset button, start over, and come out stronger. 

Eric Elliott discussed developing marketing efforts back in March, the midst of the pandemic.

Adjusting Your Business’s Marketing Efforts During a Crisis

While stopping your marketing efforts is out of the question, adjusting them is high on the agenda.

The world is changing rapidly.

Regardless of the niche you are in, your clients are likely to be scared, confused, and somewhat lost. Keep this information in mind when tweaking your promotional tactics.

1. Sell with Sensitivity

When you are crafting marketing messages and relevant content, you need to be mindful of the current situation. While pressing the issue isn’t necessary, you can appear understanding of the clients’ current problems.

What to avoid: “Reap the benefits of this new backpack when packing for your summer vacation!”

What to use: “Feeling a little bored staying at home? Use the time to declutter and find new space for an amazing backpack.”

2. Be Authentic

The times are tough. Make sure your clients see your humanity. Avoid showing off and bragging. Put the new spin on the old products to adjust them to the changed reality. Be authentic.

3. Show Empathy

The crisis affects everyone differently. Someone’s worst problem may be feeling bored while others are losing their jobs or fighting for their health. Make sure your empathy shows up in the promotional messages and shines through the content you share.

4. Back Up What You Say

Since the purchasing ability is falling rapidly, impulsive buying is losing popularity. These days, people think twice before buying products or using services. Accordingly, your marketing message must be stronger. Back up all your claims.

5.  Make Community Deposits

Whether you are a local or nationwide company, you can achieve excellent results by investing in the community. You can assist the elderly with supplies, explore charity options, and offer free digital content for educational purposes.

So, how will you hit the reset button for your business?

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