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It’s all about the numbers, and VIP Marketing created a strategy to help our client partner double their cases.

Hear how a leading personal injury law firm doubled its cases with VIP Marketing.

A partnering personal injury law firm provides insight into their relationship with VIP Marketing on a condition of anonymity. The law firm doubled cases, increased staff, and opened offices in a neighboring state.

Our client partner knows the legal marketing field is competitive and it takes more than a large marketing budget to make a difference. Creating a strategic marketing approach and a plan of execution is what VIP did to separate this law firm from competitors.

VIP Marketing helped our client realize their market differentiator and formed creative that was top of mind while implementing digital and traditional media campaigns that ad campaigns managed for growth.

“Working with VIP Marketing felt like home from day one. I know that every single day, they’re thinking about how they can make our firm better—and how they can help us grow.”

Melanie, Marketing Director





Growth in workforce





Increase in weekned case load

THE Client

Our client has kindly allowed us to share their story on the condition of anonymity, which we’re happy to give them.*Client names have been changed.

The client has helped thousands of injured and disabled people across several U.S. States to et the money and support they deserve in times of need.

The Challenge


In a fiercely competitive legal industry, where firms face a ton of competition for a finite number of cases, our client knew they had to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

They didn’t want to be just another attorney lost in the background of other attorneys. Instead, they wanted to drive brand awareness and become the first injury lawyer that people thought of when they needed to call one.

While the firm wanted to embed its brand in the public consciousness, they knew it wouldn’t be easy to achieve such an ambitious goal alone. They needed to find a results-driven marketing partner with the experience and creativity to help them get there.

If the firm could build top-of-mind awareness, they could increase their case numbers, expand into new markets, boost growth and revenue—and continue to thrive and excel.

“If we’re not the one brand of attorney that people think of, then they’re just going to call someone else.”

The Solution


The firm learned about VIP Marketing, an agency that specializes in working with law firms—and understands the imperative to stand out from the competition.

As an agency that creates bespoke solutions for every client based on their specific business goals, VIP Marketing took time to learn about the client’s brand, values, and growth goals. Drawing on all that discovery, they set about implementing traditional, digital, and social campaigns that would dramatically boost brand awareness and engagement.

Central to VIP Marketing’s creative solution was a fresh take on TV and radio ads. The firm’s founder had always been the star of the show, and VIP pivoted how he was positioned. They created ads that tapped into popular culture and were a world away from the standard, often stuffy, content competitors were putting out.

VIP Marketing also put huge creative focus on one of the firm’s big USP’s—having a super-familiar phone number.

Using distinctive branding across TV, billboards, radio jingles, and socials, the firm’s contact number quickly became cemented in people’s minds—and the firm reached unprecedented levels of awareness.

With a goal to boost weekend case numbers, VIP also produced a multi-channel campaign that put the firm’s 24/7 availability in the spotlight.

VIP added even more value by renegotiating existing media deals, so they got more ‘spots’ for the same outlay—and more bang for their buck.

Where previously, the firm had operated in four markets, VIP helped them spread their wings into new locations. They provided valuable guidance on how to expand successfully—and created campaigns that established the firm’s presence in all the new markets.

At every step, the firm appreciated the customer service, hands-on communication, and total transparency they got from VIP. Weekly, VIP took the time to sit down and discuss plans collaboratively, while also pushing them out of their comfort zone to move streets ahead of the competition.

“I don’t think there’s another company that could brand us and be as creative for us as VIP Marketing, so without them I think we would be back in the shadows with all the other attorneys.”



Since adopting VIP Marketing’s specialized strategies, the firm has doubled its volume of monthly cases. With a bolder brand identity and familiar contact number spread across screens, radio, and online, they’ve become the ‘go-to’ attorney in their local markets.

Weekend cases have increased fivefold, which exceeds even what the firm had hoped for.

With so many extra cases on their books, the firm has boosted revenue and seen its workforce expand from 75 to 250 employees. That’s a 233% increase—a staggering amount of growth in a short space of time.

Branding and top-of-mind awareness are sky-high in all markets that the firm now operates in.

Because VIP Marketing pushes the envelope with novel ideas and creative energy, they’re more than just an agency to the firm. They’ve become a trusted partner who cares about the firm’s success and growth just as much as they do.

“It’s hard to find a marketing partner that you can trust and who actually has your best interests at heart—but VIP Marketing is that partner. “Truly with my whole heart, I can’t imagine having a relationship work as well as it does with VIP Marketing.”

No two law firms are the same - so you need a marketing partner who understands your needs and goals

If your law firm isn’t maximizing case numbers or results, you deserve VIP Marketing.

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